Nailing The Christmas Look Without Looking Like Santa

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If you happen to be a little on the heavy side, it’s fair to say that you may not be looking forward to Christmas. Indeed, while it can be a fun tradition to endorse the image of Santa Claus and wear the traditional red suit at a party – it’s a look that works for nobody, and even less if you are already a big guy. Ultimately, it doesn’t help anybody – least you – to make fun of your silhouette in a crude way. Not only can it affect your mood, but it is also likely to encourage some hurtful jokes at your expense. To put it clearly, being festive at Christmas is okay. But you don’t want anybody to make fun of you. It is the season to be merry, not the season to be laughed at. However, it can be tricky to avoid the Santa look; red is the favorite Christmas color. But there are some tips you can use to get the right balance of playfulness and style.

Pick the jumper carefully

Christmas is synonymous with ugly men’s Christmas sweaters. It’s not only expected, but it’s also a must-have. More and more offices plan a Christmas jumper day and even add a photo to their website and Christmas communication. In other words, this is your time to shine! However, if the jumper is going to be used in a professional environment, you need to stay away from swear words and potentially erotic content. If you’re body-conscious, it’s a good idea to avoid wearing red, as this can attract the eye. You can, however, opt for a tasteful pine green shade or a red and white or red and green combination. Additionally, it’s best to stick to Fair Isle pattern — which is more flattering – rather than a large drawing on the front.

Boots yes, but keep it sexy

What are the right shoes with a Christmas jumper? While this may not be the kind of questions you ask yourself often, you will need to find shoes that can spice up your relaxed and cozy sweater. Indeed, while a Christmas sweater is designed to bring the holiday spirits to life, keeping an active silhouette is key to make the look work. Otherwise, you appear lazy and slow, which is the typical Santa figure. Dr. Martens has a collection of colorful and classic boots that can complement your look. You can also opt for hiker’s boots for a touch of mountain style, or trendy brogues, if you prefer something more classy.

Style it … but not TOO MUCH

Everybody knows that the sweater is the major item in the outfit. But if you can style it right, you can make sure you can create an attractive look that stays playful. Ideally, you should pair your sweater with solid-colored trousers chinos or neutral denim jeans. You can add a shirt that matches one of the accent colors of your look – or you can opt for a neutral office shirt. This will bring your outfit together.

Mastering the Christmas look without looking ridiculous or like another fake Santa is an art. Start with your ugly sweater and build a balanced outfit around it.


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