How To Make A Bigger Impact At New York Comic Con

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As one of the biggest pop culture events of the year, New York Comic Con is a magnet for businesses and customers. As much a media-driven marketplace as it is an announcement venue for film and television companies, comic cons have become big money. That trend looks set to continue, and for those businesses that are looking at setting up their first stand, for those hoping to improve on last year’s sales, it’s good to have some ideas for making the most of the limited space that you have available. Handled right, NYCC could very easily become your most profit-generating day of the year, and whether you’re selling comics, clothes, art, or memorabilia, here’s how to maximize your presence.

Be Visible

Comic cons are busy, and NYCC is one of the busiest. With so many vendors and such huge crowds, you’re going to need to make sure that you are visible. Indoor banner stands can be very useful when it comes to attracting the eye of potential customers. If you have them customized so that they reflect your branding and provide the essential information about your product or service, then you stand a much better chance of enticing visitors to your stall, or being noticed by existing customers and fans of your business. Banners can be placed on either side of your stand, creating an artificial frame that will keep customers focused on your table.

Make Sure That Your Table Looks Professional

Nothing looks more amateur than simply placing your goods on a plain, wooden table. When you’re competing with other stands for custom, then you want to maximize the professionalism of your own as much as possible. Using simple additions like a table throw or indoor signs from is a great way of making your stand become more visible and more professional looking. You can even improve the effect by having printed table stands, so that those passing through the aisles can quickly and easily see what you’re selling. If they aren’t interested, they will know immediately, but for those in the market for your product, you improve the chances of a profitable visit.

Create A Backdrop

If you’re at comic con, then chances are that the product or service that you’re selling has some kind of pop cultural relevance. This gives you a great opportunity to create stunning backdrops to your stand, which can act as a very effective way of enticing visitors to your table. Customize your backdrop using the most popular characters or events in the fandom that you are focused on, and you’ll naturally draw in those customers and cosplayers who have an interest in the characters that you have promoted. Entice those NYCC visitors to your table, and you may just make a sale every time.

Although New York Comic Con is just once a year, the buzz surrounding it is constant. With media outlets reporting on NYCC announcements, and stand sellers promoted across the NYCC social media platforms, it’s never been a better time to consider setting up your own selling space at New York Comic Con.


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