ION Tiki Sounds Multi: The Review

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If you don’t know by now I am a big fan of spending time in my backyard, grilling and enjoying time with friends and family. Though lately it seems that time comes few and far between I try and get out back any moment I can. When out in the yard with the BBQ going hat is better than some ambiance lighting and music in the background, right? Well ION adds to their “Multi” family with the Tiki Sounds (tiki torches), a compliment to an already established lineup of great sounding speakers.

ION has been a leader in the outdoor speakers market for years. Though not as powerful as some of the others in their lineup (10W per channel) this could be one of my favorites as it provides an LED light, too, with three brightness levels. There’s an optional flicker-effect for that full tiki-torch feel, and whichever you choose they are powered from the embedded solar panel on the top of the unit but can be charged via the micro USB cable provided for those emergency last minute get togethers. Hey, they do happen, believe me.

I have paired this with my Solar Stones and even went out and bought an extra pair of the Tiki Sounds speakers as I have a bigger backyard. Check out our ION Solar Stone Multi: The Review. The combination of the Solar Stones on the concrete near the grill and table and the tiki torches running down my backyard, it really fills the yard with great sound and best of all, if there is a little rain in the forecast, no need to run them inside. All of these speakers have a IPX4 waterproof design.

The past few weekends we have had EXTREME rain and thunderstorms so I have brought the speakers indoors and they sound great indoors too. I would recommend them for anyone, especially if you have outdoor space that you use for entertaining.

Tiki Sounds Multi Features:

  • 10W full-range 360˚ speaker delivers rich, dynamic sound
  • Warm white LEDs provide 3 brightness levels of illumination, with optional flicker effect
  • Mounts securely on a segmented metal pole, or can be used on tabletop or as a hanging lantern
  • Speakers can be placed up to 100 feet from the master speaker
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery keeps you entertained and illuminated for hours
  • Recharge by embedded solar panel or with micro USB cable (included)
  • Completely wireless operation: no power cord or audio cables needed

The ION Solar Stone Multi sells for $119.99

Disclosure: I received a pair of ION Tiki Sounds Multi speakers in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed in my review are my own. No other compensation was given.


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