Physical Activity Blues? Ways To Motivate Yourself To Keep Going

motivation, physical activity, focus

Physical activity is something we hear about all the time, and it’s something that a lot of people either love or hate because of it. But in truth, it’s not evil, and everyone needs to do a little bit of it in their lifetime; seeing as we evolved to run and jump and stand around for a bit, it’s good for you!But it can be hard to motivate yourself to take it seriously. So if you’re in a bit of a fitness rut, or you just want to get outside more with your running shoes on and know you’re going to actually do something with them, here’s a couple of tips on building up the motivation to get yourself going.

Focus On Your Goal

It can be easy to forget why you’re exercising in the first place when you’ve got sweat dripping down your temples and aches in your knees and shoulders from all the weight lifting you’ve been trying out. But if you take a few seconds to think about why you started to workout or go for a jog or a swim in the mornings, you can really find the strength to keep on going.

If you do a spot of quick thinking every now and then when the going gets really tough and all you want to do is tap out, you’re going to thank yourself by the end of the session. After all, you will have worked harder in the face of great odds, and come out the other side with better results down the line.

Host Your Own Tournament

Exercise is always easier to get on with when you’ve got friends around you to keep you going. Working with this, make sure that whenever you’re feeling some physical activity blues, you call up the people who support you and ask them to take on the challenge with you. 9 times out of 10 they’ll be up for it, seeing as you most likely have the same interest in getting into shape.

And then, introduce a bit of friendly competition between the two or three of you. When there’s clear odds set out, with a payoff on the other side, you’re going to feel like you can keep on going forever just to make sure you win. And with items like crystal golf trophies on the market, you can very clearly boast to everyone you know and love that you won this round, and you’re a fitter person because of it.

Physical activity is always going to be a hard undertaking, but it’s one of the most worthy things out there that you should try out. Everyone is capable of some form of exercise, so don’t let yourself make excuses, and try to keep in mind why you’re doing this, and how you’ll feel on the other side. And hey, if you out a cake on the treadmill, and it makes you increase your running speed as a result, stick with that method!

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