7 Of The Best Ideas For A Boy’s Only Bonding Day

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Whether you have just started a new job and need to get to know your colleagues or you haven’t seen your school friends in years, there is nothing better than having a boys bonding day altogether. There are many different activities that are perfect for male bonding, some of which you might never have thought of before. With these ideas you can get out of the house and embark on a new adventure together, whilst having a good old laugh. If you have been looking for the ultimate boy’s bonding day then this is the place to be looking!

1. Fishing with a Difference

If the traditional way of fishing doesn’t float your boat, then why not sit in one?! The latest craze of kayak fishing is truly a fun activity which will bring you closer to your boys. There are so many different advantages to this type of fishing, so if you haven’t quite been convinced yet take a look at these benefits. You can access deeper waters and find more fish when you are in a kayak, you are opting for the more eco-friendly method by choosing a kayak over a motorized boat and you can keep much quieter without scaring off the fish. So look into kayak fishing and choose this as you next boys bonding day.

2. Paintballing Fun

Who doesn’t love a classic game of paintballing? Splitting into two teams and battling against each other to win will be a thrill seekers dream if you are looking for an energetic activity. Use your skills and tactics to survive against all the odds and earn the trophy as the winning team. This is the perfect team building exercise for a group of colleagues, as well as being the ultimate stag do activity.

3. Soccer in the Park

If you are looking for something that is a bit more cheap and cheerful, then what could be better than a kick about in the park? This type of relaxed setting is the perfect way to catch up with the boys after a long time apart. You could even bring along a disposable barbecue to feed the tired teams at the end of the day. On a warm summer evening, this is the ultimate way to bond with your boys at the weekend.

4. Boozy Boat Day

If the sun is shining and you live close by to a river then why not hire a boat for the day? Hopping on a boozy boat cruise is the ultimate lad’s day out. Full of fun, beer and catch ups with beautiful views. You can hire somebody to drive you around for the day and you can even take your own food on board so you don’t get too hungry. This is the ideal summer day out and it’s something a little bit different than heading to the local park for a cold beer.

5. Shopping Time

Who says a shopping day is only for girls? Sometimes a day out at the shops with the lads is just what you need. Perhaps you’re feeling a bit down after a break up and you need to shake up your style. The lads will soon be able to lift your spirits and get you kitted out in some amazing new clothes.

6. Dinner and Drinks

Perhaps someone in your group is celebrating a big birthday and there is a big cause for celebration. Dinner and drinks is the classic way to get everybody together in the same place; loosening up and enjoying an evening out with your closest buddies will make the world feel right again. Raising your glasses together and indulging in some decent food will always lift your spirits.

7. Golf in the Sun

If you are looking for a full day outside, then a relaxing day on a golf course could be right up your street. You don’t even have to be good at the sport to enjoy yourself, in fact it’s more funny if you are all a bit useless!

When you find the right activity for you and the boys you need to get planning your get together. Make sure everybody in your group is free for a whole day of fun. Summer is the perfect time to reconnect with old friends; some of your buddies might have gone off to get married and you haven’t seen them in a while. Others might have moved away for their jobs and you never get the chance to see them anymore. Bonding together with these kinds of exciting and fun activities will be guaranteed to bring you all closer together for the long haul.

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