Tips For Stylish Guest Dressing For Your First Wedding

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Just received your first wedding invite? It’ll be the first of many, that’s for sure. While you might have attended a wedding as a kid, your first grown-up wedding is a big deal. There’s a lot of etiquette to learn to ensure you’re the perfect wedding guest, and it all starts with the outfit.

Take a look at these top tips for stylish guest dressing for your first wedding.

Assess the dress code

Weddings can have various dress codes, and while most tend to be formal occasions, there are different instructions you’ll want to pay attention to:

Casual: Pants and some kind of shirt – either a polo or a button down. Very few wedding adopt a ‘casual’ dress code, so don’t assume that no instruction means to go casual.

Beach: Beach weddings are becoming more popular, and for this you can wear a summer suit and linen shirt. Check with the bride and groom and other guests to check they’re not expecting more formal dress.

Black Tie: Black tie is the most formal type of dress code, and involves wearing a black tuxedo and bow tie. Some men like to mix it up and wear a white tuxedo which can equally be a smart look fit for the occasion.

Formal: Formal weddings involve a suit (usually dark in color), a white shirt and tie.

Semi-formal: Suit pants and dinner jacket or a suit will work here – choose your colors based on your tastes and the time of year.

If the invitation doesn’t say, it’s better to just to ask the groom than to get it wrong and feel embarrassed on the day.

Invest in a good suit

Suits can be an expensive purchase, but they’re also an investment. Buying a suit is best done in-store than online, to help you choose the right fabrics, fit, etc. Buying a high-quality suit can ensure longevity, and a visit to the tailor will ensure you get the best fit possible.

Navy and grey make popular suit colors, while it’s best to avoid black unless you’re going to be attending a lot of funerals too. A tux is best rented unless you anticipate several formal occasions and don’t forget you can get your suit altered if you change shape or size months or years down the line.

Choose good accessories

The right accessories will ensure you look good right down to your toes, so choose shoes which match the buttons of your suit for the most stylish effect. You can add accessories such as cufflinks, pocket watches and pocket squares as a way to tailor your look each time. Choose a tie that shows off a bit of your personality. A muted color is great if you prefer subtle styles, or a gold tie can add a touch of glamor to the occasion (perfect with a navy suit). A pair of sunglasses is the perfect accessory for summer weddings, so don’t forget to take some with you.

Nailing the perfect suit style also requires good grooming. Make sure you get the complete wedding look right with these essential grooming tips and be one of the sharpest dressed each time.

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