What To Throw In Your Gym Bag Before Heading To Your Workout

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When it comes to exercise and fitness, the gym is perhaps the most convenient place to achieve your goals. These establishments have everything that you could possibly need to get into shape under one roof – from cardio equipment like running machines, cross trainers, static bicycles, and rowing machines to weights, yoga mats, and resistance equipment. However, while they provide all of the equipment and assistance that you could ever need, you do have to remember to take along a few things yourself. Here are some essentials that you should throw into your gym bag ahead of each visit.

A Water Bottle

Around 80 percent of the adult human body is water and you can lose significant amounts of this through perspiration. So, it’s not surprising that dehydration can become a serious problem if you don’t top up your water levels when working out.  It’s important that you make sure that you always have water within easy reach – this way you can drink it as and when you please. You can achieve this by investing in a reusable water bottle. You might also want to consider filtering your water at home to make sure that what you are consuming is as pure as possible. There are various different water filters for home use on the market, so you should be able to pick one up at a relatively affordable price! If you do find that you’re craving something a little more flavorsome during your workout, but don’t want to lose out on hydration, consider trying out coconut water. It’s extremely hydrating and is also a brilliant source of potassium (with around 180 milligrams per 100 milliliter serving), contains plenty of magnesium (with one serving averaging around eleven percent of your daily magnesium requirement), and can act as a natural laxative, helping to flush your gut thanks to its high fibre content.

Swim Shorts

Increasing numbers of gyms are installing pools, saunas, and steam rooms into their establishments. Now, whether you want to add a few lengths of the pool into your workout, or simply want to embrace the health benefits that come hand in hand with using the sauna and steam rooms, you’re going to need appropriate attire. So, purchase some appropriate John Henric swim shorts and make sure to bring them along to the gym with you. You should also throw in a towel to dry off with afterwards.


Believe it or not, listening to music during your workout can do so much more than simply relieve boredom. It can actually improve the quality of your regime! Motivational music that is synchronized with the movements you’re carrying out proves satisfying and can encourage you to work out for longer than you’d originally anticipated. Music with a faster beat can also increase your pace. So, remember to throw your headphones in your bag too!

These are just a few extras that you should seriously consider bringing along with you to every work out. They will seriously benefit you!

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