The Things Us Guys Struggle With The Most

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Us guys just seem to have it rough all of the time. It’s like we’re constantly being scrutinized for the things that we do, what a stressful life we lead, right!? But there are some things that guys just naturally aren’t good at, the women seem to take in their stride. But on the other hand, there are things that we’re great at, that women seem to struggle with the most. However, we want to try and balance the bar a little bit. We’ve got a list of some of the things that we all seem to struggle with the most, and how you can work towards mastering them quickly.

The Dreaded Gift Giving

We really are bad at gift giving you know. Well, the most of us are. There are some men out there with plenty of money, that seem to be able to buy the most perfect gifts for their other half, or even their family. Then there are the ones just like us, that walk around the shop with a puzzled look on our face. The annoying thing is, women tell us it should be easy. That we should know what they want!? It can cause a fair few arguments, but we have one simple tip that can help you. All you have to do is Google gift ideas for her, and it’ll come up with a million gifts for you to choose from, that should put a big smile on her face in no time. Surely, out of all of the things that are going to cross your eye, you should be able to pick out something that your other half is really going to love. The same will work for any of the other people that you might need to buy a gift for. Some are obviously going to be more expensive than others, so make sure you’re finding something reasonable and within your price range. Don’t go OTT trying to impress them, it might not work, and you might have wasted a lot of money. Another age old trick that you can try is actually taking her to the shops and letting her pick something out for herself. However, be careful with this one. If you catch her on a really loving day, she’ll be over the moon that you’re about to buy her something. Catch her with a bee in her bonnet, and you’ll get accused of not putting in any effort!? Women are tough sometimes, but we can’t live without them!

Helping Around The House

Again, something some of you are either really good at, or really bad at. For those of you that are good at it, we salute you. One of the biggest moans that a significant other will have, is that we don’t do enough around the house, and we in fact, make the home a messier place to live in. This isn’t all true, we do try! But, women do have high expectations of what the home should look like, and it’s something we just can’t meet as often as they would like us to. But, if you want to stay in their good books, there’s a few simple tips that you should be trying. The first is to make sure that you’re always putting your dirty clothes to wash, not leaving them on the floor. The second, is making sure that you put all of your dirty cups, bowls, or plates in the washing machine. If you want brownie points, you’re going to have to wash up once or twice a week, and throw in a little hoover now and then. It’s more than most men do, and we know your partner is really going to appreciate it.

Showing Affection

Again, you’re either really good at this, or not. Gift giving is just one way of showing affection, but you need to go deeper if you’re going to make a woman think that you’re still as much as in love with them as you were 10 years ago. Now, we know this is going to be hard for you, but all women want is a few cuddles and kisses a day, and being told that you love them all the time. Tell them they’re special, ask them how their day is, ask them if they need anything doing, anything fetching, anything bought for them. It’s simple little words that have to come out your mouth, that can completely change your woman’s entire day. Women are naturally more affectionate than men, but there are ways we can try and change that.


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