Is Life All Work And No Play? You Need A New Hobby!

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Life can be hectic at times, and when it feels like all work and no play, it’s so easy to burnout. To live a happy and balanced life, we absolutely need to find things that we genuinely enjoy doing. Hobbies help us to learn new skills, allow us to meet new people and bring an element of fun into our lives. If you’re on the lookout for an interesting new hobby, here are just a few ideas.


Do you love motorbikes? Perhaps you already own one, or have been looking into buying one. Not only is a motorcycle a great way of getting around, but there are lots of ways you can have fun with it too. How about going on track days, these allow you to push your bike to the limit and enjoy a fun adrenaline filled experience. Another option is motorbike meets, here lots of biking enthusiasts meet to chat all things motorbikes as well as go on rides together. If you already enjoy the rush of riding by yourself, imagine how much fun it is to ride next to a huge group! Even just upgrading or tinkering with your bike can be a lot of fun, you can find parts on sites like Solo Moto and there are plenty of tutorials and advice online to guide you. They’re fast, they’re fun and they’re cool- if you want an enjoyable hobby then anything to do with a motorbike is always going to be a good one if you’re a bit of a roadster.

Brewing Beer

There’s something a bit ‘mad scientist’ about making your own beer, it can be loads of fun and really satisfying. If you’ve got a shed or outbuilding and love an ice cold beer then why not have a go, while you can’t sell your homemade creations you can drink them yourself and share with friends. What better way to impress guests at your next barbeque than by bringing out some bottles of your own homemade beer?! Starter kits are readily available, and while it’s something you can tweak and improve over time, there’s not masses of skill involved so is something that anyone could get on board with.

Flying Drones

Are you a bit of a tech geek? If so, chances are you’re either on the drone bandwagon– or you want to be. If you flew remote controlled planes and helicopters as a kid then this will be right up your street. If you get a hobby model which is under twenty kilograms in weight (as well as follows some other restrictions) then you won’t need a license.

Something Crafty

If knitting, baking and paper crafts seem a little girly for your liking that’s fine- there are other creative hobbies that are likely to be more your scene! How about investing in a lathe and turning some wood, or getting a forge setup and working some metal? Check out Youtube, you can make all kinds of incredible things and even sell them for a profit.


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