ION Solar Stone Multi: The Review

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Summertime in my backyard is always fun whether it is a quiet BBQ, sitting out drinking wine or having friends and family over for a big celebration. Thanks to ION we can turn any occasion into a special event with the Solar Stone Multi. Until recently one of the big struggles with outdoor speakers was the fact that you couldn’t connect more than two speakers via Bluetooth therefore in a big back yard you were limited to where you wanted to play your music.

I was very pleased with the audio quality of these speakers and even with only 2 speakers it filled our large yard with great sound. I’m totally impressed with the sound quality. The bass may not be incredible but there isn’t a sub in this setup so you can’t expect that, it’s still there and enough for outside where you’d want more mids and highs anyways.

ION has now resolved that problem with the Solar Stone Multi. It streams music wirelessly from any Bluetooth device and it has special advanced circuitry so you can have up to unlimited Solar Stone Multi’s around your space for ideal sound coverage. Even better not only can you connect only Solar Stone Multi speakers together, you can also connect their Tiki Sounds speakers into the mix thanks to their Bluetooth Multi-Link™ technology. In fact, I do expect to by a pair or 2 of the Tiki Sounds to compliment the Solar Stone Multi speakers and add a little more ambiance to my backyard.

With a built-in rechargeable battery (either by AC or embedded solar panel), IPX4 waterproof design, powerful amplifier and speaker for vibrant, realistic sound, Solar Stone Multi is exactly what you need for getting great sound in large outside spaces.

Solar Stone Multi Features:

• 6 ½-inch full-range speaker and powerful amplifier deliver great sound

• Link up to 10 speakers via Bluetooth for wide area sound coverage

• Rechargeable battery provides long-lasting, uninterrupted music

• Recharge by embedded solar panel or with AC power adapter

• IPX4 waterproof so you can leave it out in the rain

• Wirelessly streams music from any Bluetooth device

• Completely wireless operation: no power cord, no audio cable

• Realistic rock design blends in anywhere

• Speaker charges in 6 hours by AC, and 52 hours by Solar Panel

• Bluetooth Range – up to 100’ between speaker and Bluetooth source

• Wireless Range – up to 30’ between two speakers

The ION Solar Stone Multi sells for $99.99

Disclosure: I received a pair of ION Solar Stone Multi speakers in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed in my review are my own. No other compensation was given.


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