Why Young Men Like Tactical Shooting Games

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Once upon a time the majority of young boys dedicated themselves to playing sports outside. It was a thrill and a challenge to get up in front of everyone and score a touchdown or a home run. Growing up almost every boy was introduced to the male hierarchy through their fathers. They were told to enjoy being physically active, eating a balanced diet and being strong and faster. Preferably being better than everyone else so they could have a chance at playing sport professionally. Along came video games and suddenly more and more boys started to have more fun playing on their consoles than going out to play with their friends. Slowly but surely their friends also got into video games and thus the competitive lifestyle went online. If you were to do a poll and ask young boys and men what kind of video game do they like the most, they would almost certainly pick first-person shooting games. But why is this?

It’s not just chest beating

It would be easy to pin the reason on testosterone and chest beating to show how dominant you are. Perhaps that’s something that someone from outside the community would say. However, psychologists say that it gives the person playing a sense of control. They’re in a chaotic virtual world and all they have to survive is their smarts. They also get a rush of playing god which is obvious because of the power of life and death rests with a little trigger pull. But most out of all the reasons, it’s clear to say that men just like to be better than the rest. Being able to outsmart your enemy, be a superior accurate shot, plan your moves, know the location inside and out and remain calm under severe pressure are main reasons why men like first-person shooters. Little do they know but their brains are going through training exercises while they play. Memory is enhanced, their spatial awareness and problem-solving skills are being tested. All of this occurs while they’re under time constraints and the pressure of being hunted by an equally dangerous foe. To say the least, it gives the individual more excitement than perhaps regular sports can.

Applying what you do

It’s not a joke, first-person shooters are great training methods for real soldiers. The modern video games of today with their astonishing graphics, hypnotizing sounds and utter loyalty to immersing you in another world is so useful for real-world applications. People who have never even held a gun before instantly know how to aim by lining up the sights and calculating for the drop of the projectile. Games like Delta Force Paintball Toronto bring home the test of being involved in a tough tactical firefight. Players are given their own masks, neck and torso protection as well as a paintball body suit. Kitted out physically they then get pouches to store their ammo and allowed to hold tactical planning conversation with their teams. When they’re ready they will be thrust into scenarios such as tomb raiding which tests your orientation skills. Fast and furious action in the speed ball match will test your resolve in a terrorist attack situation. For those who play this sort of game online every day, this real-world challenge is something they’ve been itching to give a go.

Men and boys tend to like action video games. They crave the ability to be pitted against stiff competition so they can test their abilities in tense situations. It’s the same reason why we go on roller coasters; to be thrilled and feel alive.

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