Men’s Summer Wardrobe Essentials

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With warmer weather on the way, and spring getting into full swing, it can be time to start thinking about your wardrobe for summer. Whether you’ve got a vacation planned or simply want to look good in the sun, you do need a few key pieces for your wardrobe. So with that in mind, here are a few key pieces for your wardrobe to help you get ready for summer.


With or without socks, that is the question! Loafers are a great shoe to wear in the sun. They can work to wear to the office, a summer wedding, or even with shorts for a more formal occasion. An evening out on vacation can be just the place to wear them too. With different colors and styles available, there is sure to be one that suits you.

Polo Shirt

The chances of you already having a white, black, or gray polo shirt in your wardrobe is likely to be pretty high. But for summer, getting some brightly colored polo shirts can be a good idea to freshen things up a little. And when the sun is shining, it really is the best time to experiment with color.


Sometimes, summer can be too warm for thick and heavy jeans. Which is where chinos come in. They can be suitable for work, as well as dressed up or down, which makes them a wardrobe staple for summer. Think styled with a linen shirt and flip-flops, or a polo shirt and loafers, and you’ll be good to go.

Trench Coat

Not everyone is going to have warm sunshine all summer long. Plus, it does still rain from time to time, even in summer. Which is why a light trench coat can be just that thing that you need to keep you covered when it is cooler. They are stylish, and come in different lengths, so there will be one to suit you.

Trilby Hat

Hats are great in summer because they don’t just look good, but serve a practical purpose too. Baseball caps can be a good, but are pretty casual. Trilby hats are a more stylish alternative, especially if you’ve got a summer wedding to go to, or dress style is a little more formal. They look good with a shirt and shorts too.

Canvas Pumps

Some canvas pumps, much like Converse, are a good idea for summer. They are for the days when you need a little more of a casual shoe, but still need the comfort; great for weekends and vacations, for instance. A neutral shade is often better to choose, especially if you’ve got some brighter shirts in your arsenal.

Linen Shorts

It is not summer without shorts, right? Denim can be a good option, but if it really is warm out, or want something thinner, then linen is the dream material to choose. They wash well, dry quickly, and a nice and light (great to pack to take on a vacation, for example). The only downside is that they crease pretty easily, so not good for road trips and lots of sitting down.

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