When Age And Lifestyle Finally Catch Up To You

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When we’re young, we couldn’t care less about what happens to us when we’re heading toward middle age. Why should we when we have the world at our feet and so many things to do? In our late teenager years, we have our first experience of what freedom and limited rules are like. We drink, we run, drive, have intimate relationships and turn from boys into men. It almost feels like it’s never going to end and we’re always going to be able to rely on our bodies to power our hectic lives. Women do hit the wall sooner but men, we have our wall to climb over too. For women, it’s usually in their early 30s when their youth and beauty begin to fade, but for men, it’s more like late 30s or if you’re lucky early 40s. It’s at this point your body starts to tell you, you’re not invincible, and in fact, there are some things you don’t have a say over. When age and lifestyle finally catch up to you, it’s not going to be the old you staring back in the mirror.

The beer fights back


When you’re young, your body has lit the afterburners, and whatever you throw down your gullet, it burns off quickly. But as we get older, our metabolism sure isn’t what it used to be. Alcohol is a little deceptive in the fact that we seem to think drinks don’t amount for much in the calories chart. However, beer is essentially just a fermented plant, so it does carry a decent amount of calories per beer. The average for a pint of lager is around 150 calories. Having a few beers every week or so will eventually catch up. As your metabolism cannot burn off the calories fast enough, your body simply plants all the stored slow-burning fat onto your belly; hence the term beer belly. If you’re the type of dude that doesn’t want to look three weeks due by the time you’re in your early 40s, limit the alcohol consumption. It really is that easy, just stop drinking more than two pints on the nights you go out to party or when you’re just hanging out with the crew.

Take notice of genetics

One of the saddest things many men go through is the slow rapture of their boyish good looks. Through no fault of their own, they begin to fall prey to hereditary hair loss. It’s simply genetics whereby if the men in your family tree have the gene that causes the hair follicles to wither away. If your father or grandfather has this problem, chances are you’re going to have this happen to you too. There are lots of good off-the-shelf applications that can slow down or stop the hair loss, but you must use them every day usually twice a day. That’s basically blocking the hair follicles from doing what they want to and not regrowing hair. Only a hair transplant will give you a full head of hair again. What happens is that you go in for an exam. The doctor and or surgeon will take a look at your head and decide where to grab healthy hair follicles from. During the procedure, they will take these follicles and plant them where you have had hair loss. After a while, your hair will begin to grow, and you go back to normal again. You can choose from up to hundreds or thousands of hairs to be re-planted in your procedure depending on how severe the loss is.

The clicking noise

Remember the days of your youth when you were running around with all your might, quick as a hare? Yeah, it’s not going to be like that forever and sooner or later your joints are going to need oiling. Just like the parts of a rusty car, grease helps to move the key components of our movements. The older you got, the more used and worn your joints are going to get especially the wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles. Getting massages to loosen them up and spring them full of fresh blood is a temporary fix; albeit a nice feeling one. Hark back to the old phrase of you are what you eat, and you’ll see the solution. Eat foods with good healthy natural oils such as nuts and fish. Eat my vegetables and increase your milk intake a little.

It’s far better to age with grace and verve but that isn’t quite the low hanging fruit option we all aspire to pluck. Sometimes it’s out of our hands, and other times it’s up to us to realize we’re no spring chicken anymore and change our lifestyles.

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