Top Activities For Male Bonding

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Male bonding and spending quality time connecting to your guy friends is vital at a time when the male suicide rate is increasing, and all too often men feel like they don’t have anyone to turn to or anyone they can be open and honest with. Taking the time to reconnect with your friends can truly be a lifeline. If you are planning some time together but are stuck for ideas, you don’t need to fall back on the clichés of a night out to a strip club or getting drunk at a bar. Instead, consider the suggestions below and plan an activity you will all remember.

Go fishing

Going fishing together is not simply about the fish that you catch. There is a ritual involved, and it can be a calming space for guys to catch up together. Hire a boat and get your fishing tackle ready, put some beers in a cooler and have a fun day out with the added bonus of bringing back a fish to grill in the evening.

Play an escape room

For a less calm option, get a team of friends together and play an escape room game to get your heart rate up and your adrenaline pumping. Escape Room Charlotte offers a variety of storylines for you to choose from, such as Museum Heist, The Kidnapping or Operation: Casino, and you can play with teams of 2 to 8 people.

Host a games night

Either get a selection of games consoles and have a night playing video games or go old school and play board games such as Monopoly or Clue. Connecting over gaming is a good way to let off steam and have fun so order some pizzas, stock the fridge with beers and let the games commence.

Go rock climbing

Going rock climbing with friends is a brilliant way to get out into nature, reconnect with the world and do something challenging, thrilling and ultimately satisfying with your friends. If you are new to climbing, then do not be put off by thinking you need to be young and very fit to do it. In fact, you can start climbing at any age as long as you have the appropriate kit and trainer. If you are not near any suitable rock ranges or the weather is not ideal then find a nearby indoor climbing center to get you started and help you practice your technique.

Get messy paintballing

Paintballing is fast becoming a very popular game, with centers springing up across the country. It is a very social game so ideal to play with a group of friends where you can work together as a team to plan a winning strategy. There’s also nothing quite like running in the woods and hiding out behind inflatable bunkers planning your next move to get your heart racing. Paintballing is also brilliant exercise, which gets the endorphins and feel-good hormones pumping around your body, so at the end of a game not only will you feel closer to your friends, you will also feel uplifted in general.


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