Samsung Galaxy S9+: The Review

Thanks to my friends over at Verizon, I had the opportunity to get my hands on the Samsung Galaxy S9+ (The Camera. Reimagined.) back on March 6th and got to use it for a month. Now keep in mind, I have been using my iPhone 7 as my primary phone throughout this time and will be upgrading in September to either the iPhone 8 Plus or the iPhone XI Plus (or what ever they decide to call it.) Though there are some features I like on the Samsung it is not enough to sway me over to Samsung and run out and get me one just yet. I have never owned an android phone as I went straight from my Blackberry to the iPhone 4 back in late 2010 and don’t plan on switching now. Keep in mind this doesn’t mean that it not a very good phone.

To start off with, many of my favorite features of the Samsung S9+ hover around the camera and display which should be of no surprise as this is what Samsung has been touting from the beginning. The S9+ is the second Samsung device to feature dual aperture camera but the first to provide super slow motion shooting at 960 frames per second, this feature does require shooting in well-lit areas. When it comes to the display, Samsung’s AMOLED display is truly stunning. The same photo viewed on the S9/S9+ is so much more vibrant and more pleasing than on any other smartphone screen we have ever seen.  

AR in smartphones is also the new in thing and this year the Samsung S9+ has responded to the iPhone X Animoji, with its AR Emoji. Samsung’s AR Emoji does not use the same technology as Apple does with the iPhone X. The iPhone X uses its True Depth camera to follow many data points of your face while the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus simply use selfie photos and machine learning to create avatars. Though both of these seem cool, the hype seems to die fast in my opinion and to be truly honest, they can be a little creepy. When I think of AR, I think more along the lines of adding AR of flying birds or dinosaurs to your own videos.

Where Samsung lacks vs the iPhone X is in its Single Core / Multi Core scores as well as its overall Speedometer 2.0 OS Webview scores. See the benchmark scores below.

to see a spec side by side comparison with the Galaxy S9+ and the iPhone X, check out this side by side comparison of Samsung’s best vs. Apple’s best.

Bottom Line: The Samsung S9+ is a great phone and anyone who decides to get it is definitely in for a wonderful experience though I felt that Samsung who usually is in the forefront of the latest and greatest smartphone tech took a back seat this time around while Apple decided to push some boundaries for its company and bring out a total redesign. This is really a little bit of a role reversal for these companies based on prior years phones.

We had a great time with the Samsung flagship phone but unfortunately, all things must come to an end and we will be sending this phone back to Verizon. Keep it here and on our Twitter and Instagram accounts for the next phone we will get to try out.

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