The Underated Utility Of Goofin’ Off

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Goofing off can be a tremendously valuable experience. As responsible adults, we have a range of tasks to complete on a daily basis. Laundry, cooking, cleaning, working, ensuring we raise our children right, caring about the environment, caring about politics, furthering our career, being a good person, managing our stress, developing our hobbies, putting on a good face for our in laws, reading enough, drinking enough water, keeping on top of our hygiene, managing our finances and a whole range of other responsibilities can wear us down.

On top of all that, it’s very easy to lose out on sleep when raising a family. This might mean that your general ability to stay energized throughout all of this is impeded. However, there are also things that can go unnourished. Chief among them is the ability to ‘goof off.’ What is ‘goofing off?’ Well, it’s the ability to be silly. It’s the ability to return to the silliness of childhood and do nothing in particular but play. Once in a while, this can be healthy for your spirit. Inviting a few pals around for a barbecue and a couple of beers, as well as partaking in the following activities can give you a new lease of health when you might need it most:

Prank Calls

After a couple beers with your friends, it can be funny to prank some of your friends who may not have made the event. Simply turn off the caller ID on your phone, and ring those who you feel might laugh at the joke afterwards. Do not call government services or certain businesses, because it could be seen as harassment, or is strictly illegal. Also, don’t prank people multiple times. There’s a good and bad way to do this. You can check these funny prank call ideas to be safe. A couple of funny things might be calling your friend pretending to be someone he clipped on the highway. Another might be to pretend you’re a secret admirer. This can be funny for all involved, and is good, clean, and harmless.

Video Games

Ah, video games. Where would we be without them? Much more productive maybe, but without such a cultural wonder. Many co-operative video games are wonderful to experience with a friend. From prison escape games to battle royale games to sports games, simply loading up your console or computer, purchasing a new title and spending an evening with the hilarity of a couple of friends can make your night. We wouldn’t blame you in the slightest.

Bicycle Rides

We all remember the days of riding our bicycles around our local town. Well, why not make that another hobby to partake in? Purchasing a new bike or fixing up your old roadster and heading around town with your family or friends is a good way to get some exercise, see if you can still bunny hop over small elevations of the dirt track, and generally have a fun time. This time is spent productively, but in a relaxed manner, and can truly physically, emotionally and mentally refresh you.

With these things in mind, the underrated utility of goofin’ off will open its benefits to you.


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