Things You Should Do For The Man-Child Inside Of You

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Whether you like to admit it or not, there’s still an element inside of you that loves all of your childhood memories and toys. There’s something really magical about digging out all of your old toys and reliving all of those wonderful memories that you had with them. One downside of becoming an adult is that playing with some of these toys is now considered ‘weird’. Luckily, there are still toys that you can obtain (or dig out of the loft) that aren’t frowned upon so that you can enjoy your toys again and release the man child inside of you. Here are some things that you could do to release him, and relive the past like you desire.

Display your toys as collectables

One great way of being able to see your toys regularly and have that wonderful feeling is by displaying your toys as collectables. You might not be able to ‘play’ with them as such, but having them on display will take you down memory lane every time you enter that room. Remember that if you have any toys that you were collecting in the past, to keep them in their boxes so that if the day comes that you want to sell them, they will be worth more as an unboxed item.


LEGO is a toy that the whole family can enjoy, no matter what age. It’s such a timeless toy that has so many possibilities and as you may know, you can never have too much LEGO lying around the place. Take a look at this article by LEGO ways and have a look at the creator sets that you can get your hands on. Imagine taking yourself back to your childhood but on an extreme adult level, creating intricate models and sculptures for your display cabinet.

Alternatively, you could buy some for your children and get them involved in some super fun play. The great thing about playing with lego and having your children involved is that it’s not an unusual thing to hear about. Just make sure that if there’s any models that you want to keep that they are safely away from little hands!

Pass them down to your children

Speaking of children, a great way to see your old toys put to good use is by passing them down to your children. There’s something really sentimental about seeing your children playing with the toys that you once enjoyed, plus it’s a great money saver if you’ve not got the cash to keep forking out for new toys!

Much alike lego, you can get involved with their play and give them an insight on how you used to use your imagination with your toys. Show them the set ups that you used to create and watch them play in their own ways with the toys that you used to love so dearly.

Create a man cave

Finally, the best way of releasing the man child inside of you is by creating a man cave that you can retreat to every now and then. Many women and partners that have no interest in man toys and gadgets often insist on their partners having a man cave to keep it away from the rest of the house. Consider having a dark room with funky lights and display cabinets to showcase all of your old toys and gadgets. You could even set up all of the old consoles and try your hand at the first computer games that you ever played on!

This is another thing that you could extend and welcome your children to, because no matter how outdated it might seem compared to the toys and technology that they have now, playing in a special room with their Father is more special and definitely more exciting! So consider creating a man cave for you (and anyone else who will appreciate the contents of it) to chill out in and relive the good old days.

Growing up and becoming an adult is great until you realise that you have responsibilities. However, that doesn’t mean that the man child inside of you has to be locked away forever. Try these things for the child inside of you that’s dying to break out!

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