Why Everyone Should Try A Triathlon

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You’ve probably seen people run triathlons and wondered how they do it. Eve if you consider yourself pretty fit, putting yourself up for something that requires you to swim, cycle and run without a break can seem like a challenge too far, but I firmly believe that everyone who is into health and fitness should try a triathlon.

Why? Because when you put on your running shoes and done one of those sleeveless triathlon wetsuits, you really find out what you are capable of. You push yourself to the limits, and you find that you can actually do more than you thought you were capable of.

Still not convinced? Here are some really good reasons why everyone should try a triathlon:

Build a Stronger Body

There’s no doubt that train for and participating in a triathlon will result in a stronger, more capable body than you had in the past – there will be a payoff, several of them, in fact…

Weight Loss

When you become a triathlete, where you are very overweight, a little overweight or not overweight at all, you will notice that your clothes start to fit you better, or even become too big for you. That is because engaging in three different sports in one will engage your body, work pretty much every muscle and tighten things up to the point that you look to be in the best shape of your life. And best of all, all this will happen without you having to starve yourself – best of all you’ll be able to shed the pounds and lose the inches without having to restrict yourself to a strict diet – it takes lots of healthy calories to keep you going through a triathlon.

You’ll Feel (and Look) Younger

When you don’t do enough exercise, you don’t eat right, and you generally neglect your body over a period of time, you develop lots of aches and pains, skin problems and other things that come together to make you look and feel older than your years.

If you make the decision to train for a triathlon, as you get better and better at the sport, you will start to notice that your aches and pains vanish and you start to reach peak physical shape. Because all that exercise is getting the blood flowing through your body more effectively, your skin will also take on a much more vibrant, youthful glow. Exercise is certainly one way to access the fountain of youth and since triathlon is one of the most challenging forms of exercise there is…well it’s even better.

You’ll Increase Your Energy Levels

Many people who aren’t in the know think that their fatigue will only get worse if they start pushing their body by exercising to the extreme, but  those of us who have actually participated in triathlons and other forms of intense exercise know that the opposite is actually true – exercise is invigorating, and as long as you don’t go totally overboard with it, you will feel much more energetic throughout the day after you’ve run, cycled and swam. Don’t believe me? Give it a try.

You Won’t Put Too Much Stress on Your Body

Many people also think that doing intense exercise like that you would do in a triathlon is likely to be bad for the body, putting too much stress on it and causing things to break down, but again they are wrong. You see, when you run a triathlon, you do compete in three different disciplines rather than just one, and that means that you aren’t putting too much stress on any particular muscles like you do when you just run (shin splints, knee issues, etc.), for example. By doing more, you actually take the pressure off by giving your body variety.

You Will be Healthier

There is pretty much no way, assuming that you are fit to carry out intense exercise, that you won’t get fitter by joining the triathlon scene. Regular exercise has been proven to promote weight loss, lower blood pressure, cut the risk of various cancers and heart problems and boost mental health – there are literally no downsides to becoming a triathlete that I can think of, and all you need is a decent wetsuit, a bicycle and some running shoes to get started. It’s the best prescription you’ll ever find.

You Will Find Out What You’re Truly Capable Of

It’s fair to say that triathlons can be pretty gruelling – i the competition stage at least – which is why it is something that you should all try at least once, just to see how mentally strong you are and exactly what you are capable of doing with your body when you set your mind to dong so. It certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted, so if you want to know who you are – try a triathlon.

You’ll be More Productive

When you’re training for a triathlon, you’re so focused on your body that your mind becomes clear and this can help you to improve your productivity both during and following sport. You’ll be able to think more clearly, up your creativity and relax more easily when you’re in training for a triathlon, even if it feels like a struggle when you’re out there doing it sometimes.

It’s a Great Stress-Buster

Competing in a triathlon is a great way to learn how to handles stress, so if you suffer from that particular condition, get out for a run, go for a swim or cycle until you feel all of your cares drain away and you come to the realization that intense physical exercise is one of the best things that there is for the mind as well as the body.

It’s a Confidence Booster

Last, but by no means least, if you train for a triathlon and you actually start to make progress, improving your techniques and your times, it is one of the biggest boosts to your self-confidence that you will ever find.

Time to get your triathlon on?

Time to get your triathlon on?


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  1. I always wanted to try a triathlon! Thanks for reminding me of a possible summer project 😉


  2. enricomarino13 says:

    Getting ready for a triathlon myself and the training has helped me add variety to my strength training. Excellent list!

    Liked by 1 person

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