Your Ultimate Lazy Day Checklist

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Sometimes you just need one of those days to lounge around the house, not get dressed and enjoy doing barely anything. It’s a great feeling, and provided you don’t make a habit of it, can be a good way to spend your downtime.

If it’s been a while since you’ve properly relaxed, or you’re simply looking for ideas – then you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at this ultimate lazy day checklist to have the best chill day ever.

Cancel all plans

To do your lazy day right, you’re going to need to keep the whole day free. Doing something for part of the day will interrupt your grand relaxation plans, and could scupper them altogether. Only invite someone to join you if they are also fully willing to embrace your lazy day without judgement, otherwise tell them you’ll see them tomorrow.

Make sure your space is tidy

While you shouldn’t be using your downtime to do some cleaning, you can spend the day before making your space a little neater so that you can truly relax. A messy space can be irritating for some people, and the last thing you need is a distraction when you’re supposed to be relaxing. If you’re short on time, learn to clean your home quickly so that you can get your home tidy ready for your lazy day.

Get the perfect lounge clothes

A lazy day requires comfort, so you don’t need to worry about getting properly dressed today. Get some good loungewear that is made from soft materials that you’d be happy to wear around the house. Treat yourself to some new underwear from Ndswear and get yourself a decent robe too. Some pyjamas or loungewear will complete your lazy day outfit so that you can relax in total comfort.

Stock the fridge

As you won’t be leaving the house on your lazy day, you’ll need to make sure that the fridge is well stocked. Buy plenty of beer and snacks and either some pizza that you can put in the oven or keep some takeout menus to hand. You won’t want to exert yourself too much, so make eating and drinking as simple as possible.

Plan your viewing

Your lazy day wouldn’t be complete without some things to watch on TV. Whether you’re having a film or sports marathon or you plan on binge watching the latest Netflix series, get a list a together of the things you’d like to watch and have everything queued up and ready to go.

We all need a lazy day once in a while, the perfect thing to get your mind and body back on track. If you need some more great suggestions for homebody activities, check out some ideas for the ultimate guys’ night in. Enjoy your day of nothingness and embrace the lazy, even if it is just for one day.



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