It’s Time We Robe Like A Dude!

Sure regular robes may absorb water a bit, but they definitely don’t look cool…unless you’re Hugh Hefner, Tyler Durden, or the Dude from Big Lebowski.

So I was recently catching up on episodes of Shark Tank as I always do when I came across a very funny yet very intriguing introduction to a company. Howie Busch from Long Island, NY was pitching his company DudeRobe. The perfect straight out of the shower, straight from the gym, hell straight out of anywhere lounge-wear that is cool enough that you can be seen in even outside of the house. No dude needs to be caught dead in a girly robe ever again with DudeRobe.

Now I will be the first to admit that I am not and for the most part have never been a dude guy but this is definitely something I would wear. DudeRobe combines the best parts of lounge-wear, athletes-wear & the bathrobe. They created something for guys who wear bathrobes & those who wouldn’t be caught dead in one just like me. Just imagine your favorite hoodie & shorts lined with your favorite towel…that’s the DudeRobe.

Every DudeRobe comes with:

■ Towel lined interior
■ Premium hoodie material on the exterior
■ Super absorbent material for enhanced drying ability
■ Deep pockets to hold all of your manly gadgets

Everything a dude needs…
DudeRobe ($74.95)
DudeHoodie ($64.95)
DudePants ($54.95)
DudeShorts ($49.95)

DudeRobe comes in two sizes (S/M or L/XL) and two colors (navy blue or heather gray). Dude’s can purchase the individual pieces or mix and match the entire ensemble any day of the week for the comfort that fits every dude. Check out his SharkTank appearance here.

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