Spring Clean Your Look

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If you’re starting to feel like winter will never end, the good news is that spring is finally around the corner. It’s been a long winter this year, but there’s plenty to look forward to for the coming season. Want to update your style? Spring clean your look this seasons with these top tips.Clear out your closet

Every season should begin with a clothing clearout. Once winter has passed, you can say goodbye to your chunky knitwear and outerwear and create some space for some spring essentials. When clearing out your closet, take a look at each item carefully and decide whether or not you want to keep it for next season, donate it or recycle it. When you’re finished, you’ll have plenty of new space for new some new pieces, ideal for building yourself a capsule wardrobe.

Vogue has a fantastic guide to men’s spring 2018 trends to give you some inspiration for the sorts of things you should be filling your closet with this season.

Get a restyle

Is your haircut looking a bit tired? Perhaps it’s time to change things up. A new haircut can work wonders, making you look younger and more on-trend – the ideal way to start off the new season. Take some time browsing hairstyles for men and find a style to suit you.

Why not experiment with color this season? If there was ever a good time of year to try out a new hair color, spring is the time to do it. Speak to your stylist about the possibilities and make sure you choose a low-maintenance color if you’re not one to spend a long on your hair.

Overhaul your skincare routine

After a cold, harsh winter – it’s time to rejuvenate your skin and encourage it back to health. Dry, dull winter complexions can be remedied with the right skincare routine for men, which includes investing in a good cleanser, some post-shave balm and a decent moisturizer.

In spring and summer, it’s especially important to think about your sun protection. Buy skincare products that contain SPF to ensure that your skin is protected all day, every day – using extra protection when the sun is at its strongest.

If you’re feeling like your skin needs some extra TLC, book yourself a facial and get a skincare prescription from the experts – a grooming treat that’s certainly worth it.

Refresh your accessories

One way to keep your style current is to refresh your accessories. Look out for new styles of footwear, bags and belts that can be added to your wardrobe to help update it. Outerwear is something else that is easy to incorporate into your wardrobe to keep your look fresh each season.

If your leather goods are looking a little worn or in need of fixing, take them to get repaired. When cared for properly, leather can last for decades, so make sure you give your leather pieces some regular TLC.

Start the new season off right by spring cleaning your look and taking the chance to show off your great style.

What do you think about giving your look a spring cleaning? Leave your comments below.


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