Challenge Shaq, The Paqui Chips One Chip Challenge 2.0!

Paqui, Carolina Reaper, Scoville scale, hot peppers, hot, heat, One Chip Challenge, Shaq, NBA, Inside The NBA

Another chip, another challenge! I was fortunate enough to receive a new Carolina Reaper chip from Paqui Chips or what I like to call the One Chip Challenge 2.0. This one is 25% hotter than their first chip. I could not back down though. As the #onechipchallenge has grown more and more have decided to take the challenge including celebrities.

One person to take the challenge was ex-Orlando Magic giant Shaquille O’Neil. This 7’1″ monster may have been a beast in the paint but not so much when it comes to heat in the chip. I am not going to knock Shaq too much as this chip isn’t for the weak of heart or heat for that matter but while on ‘Inside the NBA’ he said he wasn’t going to make a face while eating the chip. Well he took a bite of the chip and minutes later ran off set trying to escape the heat. For the full video click here.

Click the YouTube image below to view the video. (Don’t forget to give it a thumbs, comment and subscribe and I promise to bring more good content on YouTube)

What did you think? Have you yet to take the challenge? Are you ready for the intense heat of 2M+ Scoville Units?

To see more on my first One Chip Challenge click here.


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