Modular Introduces Their Flagship Product, MOD-1 Headphones

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American audio technology innovation company, Modular, is introducing their flagship product, Mod-1 Digital, Analog, and Wireless Headphones, debuting on Indiegogo.

Mod-1 headphones boast a feature-packed design, allowing for a variety of ways to use them. They are digital, analog and wireless all in one, with Bluetooth compatibility, a micro SD card slot to play your favorite tracks, connection to FM radio, and an aux-cable option. You can keep listening while they charge, and you can even keep listening while the battery is dead by using the aux-cable connection option. Outfitted with noise-isolating technology, Mod-1 will completely immerse you in the music and transport you to your own world. The durable metal frame, surrounded by premium comfort padding, is adjustable and the earpads are replaceable. With all of these connection options and features, plus balanced sound, a deep bass profile, and a long-lasting battery life, Mod-1 headphones are your ideal all-day audio companion.

The team behind Modular are all avid music lovers, who noticed a lack of affordable yet high-quality headphones on the market. They wanted to make headphones that are comfortable, user-friendly, and feature-packed, so they combined the best qualities of over 50 different models while keeping the price affordable. Thus, the Mod-1 was born.

“Headphones have been around for quite some time, so we were shocked by the lack of features and poor quality of headphones made by famous brands” said Michael Armani, CEO of Modular. “We found that each model had at least one major problem or severe lack of features. Even headphones in the $200-300 dollar range lacked seemingly basic features such as a pause/play feature, SD card, or aux-cable. This shouldn’t be the case, as mega corporations have had decades to hone their craft. This has created a space for an underdog to show that it’s possible to leverage the open-market to create better value for customers.”

Unlike other products on Indiegogo, these headphones are already completely designed, in-stock, and shipping. Currently, Modular headphones are available at a limited-time price of $99 (Reg. $149). You can choose between 3 different color options: Black, Gunmetal, and Rose-Gold..

Mod-1 key features and specifications:

● Padded, Replaceable Earpads

● Noise-isolation

● Durable, full-metal band

● 2 hour charge time

● Can use them while charging

● Long-lasting battery life

● Answer and make phone calls

● Aux line-in

● Switch between and control two paired devices

● Skip, Play, Pause tracks directly from headset

● Bluetooth 4.2.2, fully compatible with andriod and iphone

● 40mm neodymium drivers

● Folding design for easy storage

● SD card for mp3/mp4/wav

● NFC chip fast connection

● FM Radio Mode

● Automatic Shut off timer


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  1. Yuliya says:

    An interesting product, I would like to test it, since I have not found the ideal headphones so far.


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