Rolling Back Time With Style And Dignity

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Although it may not be perpetuated in a modern society openly and honestly, men are self-conscious of how we look. Looks may not matter a whole lot next to our status and how we feel we fit in their world regarding jobs and financial security, but they are still relevant. All too often men don’t have a place to go where they can discuss their doubts and their lack of confidence with women. We’re visual animals so how we dress is important to us. Getting more mature doesn’t mean you have to let go of bullish styling choices and in fact, all you need to do is adapt. Remaining youthful and full of life is something that can be expressed and felt through the different kinds of fashion we dabble in from time to time. Of course, you’re not going to try and emulate your teenage son, but certain items of clothing can roll back the time. Doing so requires accuracy in what we choose to adorn ourselves with.

Throw out the dad jeans

Baggy and square, dad jeans are comfortable and roomy. But if we’re totally honest here, they’re a sign of defeat. People who wear them have chosen function over form which is understandable but the more you look around at your options, the more silly they look. How your clothes look and what they say about you may be irrelevant when you have a family to support, running multiple errands a day, and trying to keep a roof over your head by paying the mortgage. On the other hand, it’s important to feel good about looks and how you’re perceived by others. Swap the dad jeans for the straight cut, maybe the minimalist ripped look or how about the darker denim slims? Modern materials aren’t so starchy and able to be more flexible, giving you plenty of comfort and not hindering movement.

Living in the shade

The farmer’s cap has come back into fashion, but it’s not the mature man that’s brought it back. Interestingly the hipster culture born out of the minds of the young has made this item quite cool and popular. It’s soft, comfortable, light and gives young fashion graduates a chance to explore with styling. However times have swapped, and older gentleman are wearing more stylish caps at sporting events such as golf tournaments, football matches and just generally out and about. Getting old has it’s grouch-inducing moments though and the most common being the loss of hair. Mixing these two is a specially designed cap which you can read about in these laser cap reviews that go into further detail. It’s modern use of small lasers beam energy into your hair that’s thinning and falling out, bringing it back to life. All the while, no one will be any the wiser as the cap is flexible and lightweight.

Protecting your dignity as you get older is something almost all men take very seriously. If we take pride in our professional work life why not how we dress? Get rid of those ghastly dad jeans and try on some dark denim straights made from stretchy composite synthetics instead. If the young are taking our once popular caps, then we can take their style too; except we have a little more practicality involved.

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