4 Ways To Optimize A Mac For Gaming

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Macs for gaming? No thank you! There is a perception that Apple Macs are not the best hardware for gamers, and the legend is true. The problem is that they don’t have the same variety as the standard laptops. Plus, Apple is exclusive and that can lead to problems for interactive gamers. However, businessmen who like to game on the side should fear not. For all of their inadequacies, there are ways to optimize Apple products so that they run like a dream. Fellow geeks, these are the hacks you need to know if you are an Apple-loving gamer.

Game Availability

Now that the Mac is a legit player in the industry, more developers are making their games playable on both platforms. Still, this news isn’t as good as it sounds because PC tends to get the latest gadgets and gizmos first. In fact, Apple users can wait weeks and even months before they have the privilege to roam an interactive wonderland. Thankfully, Boot Camp makes it possible to play Microsoft Windows, and therefore their games on a Mac. It’s worth there are zero guarantees, yet it tends to work more often than not judging by the forums. Anyway, it’s better than jailbreaking a device and voiding the warranty.

Slow Performance Speeds

Macs shouldn’t have a problem with performance. After all, they are one of the best machines available underneath all the marketing hype. The problem hardcore gamers have is the hardware options for personal computers, which pale in comparison to a Mac. Therefore, the frames per second may not appear as sharp on an Apple device as on a PC. That doesn’t have to be the case thanks to a desktop organizer for Mac application. Once installed, the app will sift through the clutter and single out the unnecessary files which need to go. When they are no longer on the Mac, the performance will increase ten-fold.

Free Games

There isn’t a gamer on the planet who thinks Apple has an excellent range of free games. The reality is that PCs have the market cornered and it doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon. A piece of good news is that gamers can change this if they bound together and organize their efforts. For instance, downloading a free game in droves will encourage other developers to make their games accessible. The money may not be there, but the buzz they will create is hard to replicate.


Apple does come out with quite frequent upgrades, yet not on the scale of Microsoft. Still, don’t let the size get in the way because quality always trumps quantity. With that in mind, just be thorough when considering which upgrade to choose for your Mac. Do you prefer performance, visuals or more freedom? Whatever the answer, look for the version which offers you the best options. In some cases, it isn’t possible for Apple to outstrip gaming juggernauts, but they can compete and you have to keep that in mind.

Anyone who says Macs are not good for gaming should think again. They are perfect in their own way.

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