NixPlay Iris WiFi Digital Frame: The Review

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In the age of digital photography and the fact that we are always taking new pictures on our smartphones, less and less people print out their photos to put in picture frames anymore. If there was only a solution to easily add those great family memories to a picture frame right from your phone. Well now there is. It is called the NixPlay Iris.

The Nixplay Iris is an 8 inch digital photo frame that not only displays your digital photos effortlessly with great quality but you no longer have to transfer photos to a USB stick or disk before displaying it on the photo frame, you can manage multiple picture frames through their cloud based service (free for 1000 photos) for instant sharing no matter where you are. So it is a great gift for the holidays. You can upload new pictures to not only your frame at home but any other frame in your account so share those vacation photos with relatives without downloading them to a SD card. There is also an activity sensor so it will go into sleep mode and will wake when it hears sound in the room. You can adjust how long before it goes to sleep as well as the sensitivity of the sensor.

The colors are amazingly true to life and the images are crisp. You do not lose quality from different angles in the room. You get a lot of internal storage with this digital picture frame. With 8GB (25,000 photos) set aside for your photos, you can store your favorites all in one place. The frame comes in a metallic silver, copper or bronze finish.

The digital picture is meant to be placed on a table and can not be hung as the power cord is also its kickstand. There is a lot of control over how your photos display with the Iris. There are 16 different ways to transition from photo to photo (personally I like the simplest one) and transition times between photos are as little as five seconds or as long as one hour.

When it comes to the software, the one feature I would love to see is being able to crop photos within the app. I like to keep the dimensions of my photos on my phone but would love to crop the photos that may not be horizontal so it better displays while in the horizontal position. That would make it much easier in my opinion. That being said, you can use it with such photo hosting providers as Facebook or Google Photos, Flickr, Instagram and Dropbox and send them directly to the frame without having to download and re-upload them.

The Nixplay Iris is powered by a USB adapter that is included. The adapter has plug adapters for two other wall plug types, but not having said wall plugs nor remembering where I put them I can’t really say where it works in the world perfectly. Since it’s USB I’d assume probably everywhere. The Iris also comes with an infrared remote control that appears to work with the previous two generations of Nixplay frames I have.

It is priced at $199.99.

Disclosure: I received the NixPlay Iris WiFi Digital Frame in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed in my review are my own. No other compensation was given.

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