Looking Dapper This Festive Season

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Whether it’s casual Christmas drinks with colleges, a meet up with the family, or even a festive yuletide date that you are dressing for, you will want to look your best. To do this, you need to select the right items for the right occasion from your wardrobe. Something that is known to strike terror into the hearts of men the world over! Luckily, me being the dapper gent that I am, I have selected some outfits suggestions suitable for the many festive events you may find yourself in. All you need to do is read on to discover what they are and how to wear them for the best effect.

Beers with the boys

The trick to getting your outfit for beers with the boys right is making sure that you look good, but you haven’t made too much effort. After all, you don’t want to be the butt of anyone’s jokes.

That is why the old favorite, jeans are always a good choice. Just remember that jeans come in all sort of shapes and sizes now but the ones that are most on trend at the moment are ripped and tight.

Don’t panic if this all feel too much either, as you can balance things out with a sports jersey from your favorite baseball, hockey, or football team, especially if it’s a few beers after work or a basket of wings kind of night. Combine this with a chunky winter boot like the one available from stores like Timberland or Caterpillar, and you have the perfect casual look.

Although, if it is an event that is a little more formal then it may be better to go for a shirt instead of the jersey. A flannel one will do fine though, as they continue to be right on trend and give a relaxed vibe to things. Team this with some desert boots in brown too, and you have the perfect offering to keep things chilled.

Family fun

Heading to the parents chose for a Christmas gathering? Then you will definitely want to look your best. You won’t want to let your mom down either, so what is the right outfit to pick?

Well, you can’t go wrong with a shirt because it shows that you have made an effort, even if you do combine it with combats or jeans. Although its much better idea to pick a smart casual pant style like a chino instead.

However, it’s likely that you’ll want your shirt to still match your style and give you an on trend look, so instead of heading to the nearest menswear section of your local department store, check out sites that stock exclusive menswear brands for you to choose from. Then you can reach a perfect balance between looking cool and looking smart, pleasing both you and your mom.

Christmas formal

A Christmas formal so is another affair entirely though. In fact, this is when it’s time to really get the big guns out and do your worst.

If the event is super formal than a tuxedo may even be required. These are the suits with the satin lapels and ribbon on the side of the pant, just in case you were wondering. Most guys will rent these for the night instead of buying them, but you can still customize your lock with a natty little bow tie, and pocket square.

If the event is less formal a half-decent suit with cleverly chosen accessories will work too. Make sure your shoes are fashionable and that they match your pants. That means no brown shoes with grey suits people!

If you really want to push the boat out, you can even get some completely Christmas themed suits (yes jacket, vest, and bottoms)  if you want to make a statement. Just be sure that you can take the banter and pics on social media if you go for this option though.

The Xmas date

If you’re lucky enough to get a date over the Xmas season, you will, of course, need a decent outfit to make that famous first impression with. A tip for the wise here is to ensure that whatever you pick is clean and smells great. Girls notice this sort of thing and smelly or stained clothes will put them off no matter how charming you are when you take them out.

Obviously, you’ll need to tailor your clothes to the type dating you are taking her on, Although, as not too many first dates are super formal you will be safe keeping it the casual range.

Pick something that shows you have made an effort, but you aren’t so into your appearance that you won’t be able to give her a second glance. A grey button down shirt, with dark jeans and some smart shoe or sneakers, is a great choice. Although a flannel shirt could work easily as well, especially if you are going for that hipster vibe.

Just make sure that you have a smart coat to wrap up against the winter cold with, and whatever you do leave the humorous and risque Christmas jumper at home.

Chilling at home

Talking about home, there is no excuse not to look dapper when you are relaxing on your downtime either. This is especially true now there are huge ranges of men’s loungewear available, that are both warm and comfy, as well as on trend.

Go for some subtle xmassy jogging bottoms or lounge pants with a Nordic design. Then a t-shirt on top works fine and complete the look with an oversized hoodie that you can snuggle down into while sipping hot chocolate and watching your favorite Christmas movies.

Round off the outfit with some chunky slipper boots. Now thank goodness perfectly acceptable for the guys, as well as the girls to wear, and you have the making and an extremely cozy night in over the festive period. One that you’ll probably need to use to recharge, with all the other social occasions and nights on the town, you will be enjoying.


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