5 Helpful Tips On Choosing Your Perfect Computer

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If you have decided to purchase a new computer, then the amount of information you need to process on which one to get can be overwhelming. So, let’s break down each part of a computer to help you find what you want and make it so that you can be happy with your purchase.


This is where your computer search is going to start. What do you want this computer for? Is it for work or gaming? Is it to be used on the go or at home? Your decision here will dictate what kind of computer you get like no other. If you want a gaming computer, then you need to be ready for it to be more expensive than one that is used exclusively for work. If you are going to use it for a mix of things (like most computers), then you will be somewhere in the middle. However, knowing what the purpose of the computer purchase from the offset will make the entire buying process much easier.

Desktop or Laptop

The next major decision on our list is are you looking for a desktop or laptop. This might be informed by the decision you made earlier regarding the purpose of the computer, but it might not. The difference between the two is massive. You simply cannot easily transport a desktop, so if you want to use your computer on the go, then you should get a laptop. The decision is further complicated because there are now a few different kinds of laptops including ones that can be used as tablets through touch-screen capabilities, so it is worth considering if you want one of these kinds of computers. If you are struggling with finding the right laptop, then using a laptop finder can be helpful. The benefit of a desktop is that it can be more easily modified and upgraded than a laptop and they generally have higher capabilities. However, you will need a keyboard, mouse and monitor to get your desktop working. Whereas, if you get a laptop you have everything a single package.

Operating System

Choosing an operating system is more about aesthetics, feel and price that anything else. They both share a lot of the same programmes these days, but the way they work is still very different. If you already own Windows devices, then you might want a Windows computer. This way your current devices like your phone and tablet can more easily interface with them, and you can share purchases such as ones through iTunes between all of your devices. A PC is more adaptable though and as the greatest range of software available. The choice your’s though. If you want to use your computer for gaming,  then it is worth checking that your favorite games are available on that operating system as there are still a lot of developers who don’t release games on every type of operating system. The same is true for other types of specific software. You should check before committing to a specific operating system to avoid any disappointment.


This one is going to radically shift the price point of your computer. You need to choose how fast you want the processor to be (the faster, the more expensive), how much RAM you want (the more, the quicker you computer will run), and how much storage you want. If you are getting a desktop PC, then your RAM and storage can be upgraded fairly easily, but the processor is a bit trickier. A lot of the Intel and AMD models are fast processors for not too much, but you should shop around and try to get the one that you want. If you want to use your computer for gaming, then you need to consider what model of graphics card you want. High-end models are very expensive. However, check that you aren’t spending money on a graphics card that is too high spec. A lot of games will run on mid-tier graphics cards, and if you ever need a better one, you can upgrade in the future. This is where the bulk of the costs associated with your computer will come from, so make sure to carefully choose the specifications that suit you.


When you buy a computer, you can often get them with a range of extras or have the buy them afterwards. If you are on a budget, don’t forget to factor these in. If you are getting a desktop, then don’t forget about the mouse, keyboard and monitor. You might also want a headset so that you can chat with friends or listen to much and watch videos. If you intend to do work on your computer what software do you need? Free options like Google Docs and OpenOffice are available, but is the Microsoft suite better suited towards your needs? Finally, you need to make sure that you have some anti-virus software. Some computers will come with a free trial or limited subscription, just don’t forget to renew it or download some from another company.

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