4 Simple Ways To Encourage Your Soccer Mad Offspring

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Having a child that is obsessed with sport is nothing new. Since the dawn of time boys and girls have relished kicking a ball around in their back garden, playing tennis down at the local park and racing one another annually on sports days. Seeing our kids active is to be welcomed, and if you have a child that is more into the outdoors than the console in their bedroom, you should count yourself lucky. It’s vital that you are able to harness this enthusiasm for sport so that it doesn’t wither away.

Soccer is now a worldwide phenomenon, even more so since David Beckham chose to play with LA Galaxy and the USA started doing so well in the World Cup. If your son or daughter loves nothing more than showing their speed as a winger or utilizing their defense strategies inside the box, you may want to harness their raw talent.

Share Their Passion

If your child eats, sleeps and breathes soccer, the chances are that they are an avid supporter of a soccer team. Hopefully that’ll be the team most local to you. Make it your mission once a month to attend a home match with your son or daughter. The spectacle of the game will enthuse your little Pele even more. They’ll get a feel for the stadium, the pitch, the sounds and the crowd. They may even pick up a few more tactics along the way.


Local community projects often run small camps during school breaks to keep kids out of the parents hair. In the past few years, major soccer clubs from around the world have chosen to run summer camps in an attempt to sign up new young talent. The FCBC soccer clinic welcomes children who show an interest in the game and gives them a chance to learn from some of the sports finest coaches. Nike’s soccer camps run sessions specifically aimed at getting more girls to take an interest in the game. With ladies soccer emerging as one of the fastest growing sports, why not see if your little darling fancies a kick about?

Get Involved

If your offspring has managed to secure a place on the school soccer team, make sure that you turn up to matches when you can. Don’t be one of those parents that promises everything and delivers nothing. Your child will love having you there to watch them, adding another subtle layer of motivation to boost their performance. Make sure that you celebrate with them when things go well. Be their loudest cheerleader when they score the winning goal. At the same time, when things don’t go according to plan and they lose a match or score an own goal, ensure you are there as a shoulder to cry on. Don’t let them dwell on the experience and help them move forward.

Supportive Parenting

It’s vital as a supportive parent, that you allow your child to experience a range of different activities as they grow up. There is nothing wrong with having a go at baseball, art, acting or dance alongside their soccer training. By smothering them in just one activity, you are becoming a pushy parent. Your child may begin to resent you and slowly fall out of love with the sport that they were once so passionate about.

Give your child the time and space to figure out what it is they are passionate about. If it is soccer, be their greatest champion, encourage them to improve their skills and maintain their love of the game.


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  1. ishwor bogati says:

    Involvement is what most of the parents miss. Thanks for the guidance.


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