International Men’s Day: Focus On Mental Health

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International Men’s Day is a relatively new concept, but an important one. For several years now, this awareness day has focused on an issue that many men struggle to cope with: mental health. This year, International Men’s Day is on November 19th, so this is the perfect time to examine the subject of mental in a little more depth.

While guys are always happy to focus on certain health concerns for a short period, there’s no doubt that many men give mental health the short shrift. This is, ultimately, a product of societal expectations. Men are always told to cheer up, sort themselves out, ignore their feelings, and the modern iteration of this same sentiment: “man up”. “Man up” is a particularly dangerous phrase, suggesting that it’s somehow weak or unmasculine to experience issues with mental health.

Well, it’s not. Here’s a few things that every guy could do with keeping in mind as we approach International Men’s Day.

Mental Health Issues Aren’t Weakness

No matter what you’re told, this is a simple fact: mental health issues do not make you weak. Mental health problems are a biological problem; most conditions are caused by misfiring neurons in the brain, or an imbalance in brain chemistry. There’s nothing weak about having a biological hiccup that you can’t prevent.

This association of mental health issues with weakness has catastrophic consequences. Men are far more likely to commit suicide than women, a phenomenon that is often attributed to men feeling like they shouldn’t have mental health problems, and not seeking help for them.

Mental Health Issues Can Be Controlled

If you are diagnosed with a mental health condition, you have options. You don’t just have to “deal with it”, make do, pretend that everything is alright– you can get help.

There are myriad treatment options for mental health; finding the right one for you will depend on the root cause of your mental health issue. You may find that conventional medication is most useful to correct brain chemistry imbalances. Or, you may have an underlying issue such as low testosterone; meaning you can use the likes of Tongkat Ali to boost your levels and see an improvement in your mental health as a result. You could even try counseling if you feel this may be beneficial.

Getting treatment for mental health is one of the strongest health-focused things you can do– and, with any luck, you will find a solution that will greatly benefit your quality of life.

Mental Health Issues Are Losing Their Stigma

The mere fact that male mental health issues are discussed on International Men’s Day is a sign of how times have changed. Mental health problems are losing their stigma, and not a moment too soon. Many celebrities have spoken about their battles with mental health problems, helping even further to bring the conversation about mental health into the open.

If you do suspect you have an issue with your mental health, then speak to a medical professional. Break the silence and change your life… just in time for International Men’s Day.

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