4 Bags Guys Can Use To Carry Their Belongings In Inauspiciously

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The ‘man purse’ became all the rage a few years ago, but there’s still a lot of guys who aren’t buying it. It also used to be so that men could carry all their belongings inside of their wallets, at least for the most part. If you are going to school for a masters of library science online, then you’ve definitely got at least a few books that you need to carry around. Toting around a pocket-sized dictionary is one thing, but when you’re trying to get through The Canterbury Tales you need a roomy bag to take with you. Next up are four bags that will leave you and your belongings feeling totally secure in your manhood.

1. The Briefcase

It’s sharp, it’s chic, and it’s definitely manly. They can be bound with leather or made from vegan-friendly synthetic materials. Briefcases come in hard and soft varieties, too. If you simply need a bag for your personal things then get a briefcase that has a comfortable handle and a lot of room inside.

2. Anything from Louis Vuitton

This is an expensive option and it might be unrealistic if you are a full-time student, but Louis Vuitton bags were made for the stylish male who happens to carry around a lot of stuff. Whether you are getting ready to hop on your yacht to sail away for the weekend or have your personal jet waiting at the end of the runway, your trip won’t be complete unless you’ve got your Louis Vuitton carry-on luggage. Check out some of the more affordable options from Louis Vuitton if you just need a small bag to carry a few extra books in.

3. The Crossbody Bag

If you want a masculine bag that has flare but it also doesn’t need to be carried in your hands, then get a crossbody bag. You’ll be able to keep potential muggers and pick-pockets at bay as crossbody bags are carried close to the torso. Those who are working on a library science degree seem to greatly enjoy using crossbody bags because they’re versatile, have multiple pockets for books, and all of them look quite unique.

4. Messenger Style Bag

These bags were first used by bike messengers who worked as couriers in major cities, delivering important papers to law firms, real estate developers, government officials, and other important agencies. Designed to keep your belongings secure and keeping both of your hands completely free, messenger-style bags can hold your wallet, a pair of sunglasses, several books, a bottle of hand sanitizer, a cell phone, keys, and numerous other small items.

Don’t try to stuff your pockets full if you’re planning on bringing more than your wallet and a tube of chapstick. Keep the spines of your books unbent and your cell phone in one piece by buying a man-bag with numerous compartments and an ergonomic handle. You don’t have to take it with you everywhere, but when you’re planning on going somewhere on foot or need some extra things to pass the time, you’ll be very happy that you invested in a bag.

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