3 Unusual Sports You And The Guys Should Try Out

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Let me start this post my painting a scene for you to imagine. It’s the weekend, a lovely day, and you and the guys are trying to think of something to do. The Whatsapp group chat is popping off as everyone is saying you need to do something and make the most of the day. Then, there’s a stone-cold silence when you ask for suggestions. Any got any ideas? Que a load of ummmm’s as your mates try and think of plans. In the end, no one can think of anything, so you end up deciding to go to the bar for a few drinks instead.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a few drinks with the guys on the weekend. It’s just that, sometimes, it feels like you’re doing the same thing over and over, it gets repetitive. Not to mention we’re not really doing anything, we’re just sitting and chatting, we can do that any day of the week! So, me and my friends decided to start doing things differently. We wanted to make more out of our weekends, by taking up a sport. This allowed us all to get together and make the most out of any good weather that comes our way. It keeps us all active too, which is a little bit of a bonus. Now, we’re never bored, and there’s far more excitement that comes from playing sports compared to just sitting around drinking. Plus, you can go out for a celebratory drink afterwards anyway, so you get the best of both worlds!

Bearing that in mind, I thought there must be loads of guys in a similar position to us, in need of a sport to inject some excitement back to their free time. So, here are a few cool sports you and the guys should start playing.

Ultimate Frisbee

Did you ever play frisbee in the park with your friends when you were younger? I used to do it with my family from time to time if we ever went on a picnic. It’s weird, like, there’s just something fun about catching things, do you know what I mean? It’s oddly satisfying to pull off a cool catch, and throwing the frisbee feels good too when it flies perfectly to your target.

Well, you and the guys should take things to a new level and play ultimate frisbee. It might sound a bit funny, but this game takes frisbee to new levels. You have a team of players, and you compete against another team to score more points than them. There are rules in place, but the main aim is for someone to catch the frisbee in the scoring zone – a bit like a touchdown in American Football.

This is a proper sport, and you can even join a league if you want to. If not, split up into two teams with your mates and have some fun of your own. Once you get into the swing of things, you’ll realize how fun this is. It’s a lot more physical than you might think, meaning you all get in a great cardio workout too. This means you don’t have to feel guilty about ordering a pizza later.

Tandem Fishing

I know, I know, how is fishing a sport? I thought this too until I tried it. I’m still not sure how it’s classified as a sport, but I won’t complain because it’s definitely exciting without being too hard on your body. This is an idea for those days where the sun is out, and you just want to take it easy while having some good old-fashioned competitive fun.

Why tandem fishing, and what even is this? Basically, it involves two people sitting together in a little boat. Well, I say boat, it’s actually called a tandem fishing kayak, and there are only two seats. You’re both in the boat, and you set out into the water to catch some fish together. This involves teamwork, which is why it’s better than solo fishing as you can bring a mate along. But, it doesn’t end there, as more of your friends can join you in their kayaks too. This brings in the competition element, as pairs can compete for the most catches or the biggest catch.

Trust me when I say, things get super competitive and tense. Set a time limit too, and you’ve got a real competition between everyone. If you want to up the stakes, get everyone to chip in some money, and the winning pair splits it between them. Also, losers buy a round of drinks after!


If football (soccer) involves using your feet to play with a ball, what do you think handball entails? That’s right, you use your hands instead, who’d have thunk it?! All jokes aside, this is probably one of the best indoor sports around. I included it because there are times where the weather might not be great, but you still want to play a sport with your friends.

Again, like ultimate frisbee, you could search for a handball league to enter, or you can split your friends up and play against one another. I like either option, playing against your friends is fun because no one wants to lose and get a forfeit. The rules are fairly easy to follow, you have two goals, two teams, and you need to throw the ball into the goal – simple!

It’s an end-to-end sport that involves a lot of running and physical effort, which is great if you’re all trying to get in shape. If you play against one another, you could have prizes for whoever scores the most goals and vote for the worst player, so they have to do a forfeit.

You’ll notice all these sports are a little bit unusual, but you and the guys should try them out (looks like I just found a good title for this post!). I only included sports that get more than one person involved. Solo sports can be fun too, but you need to get the guys together! Give them a try and your weekends will be transformed.


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