Fun Without Electricity: Is It Possible?

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We rely on electricity for everything in the modern world. It, quite literally, is the thing that powers our lives– and we’re glad of it. It can’t have been much fun a couple of centuries ago when it was pitch black by 4pm during the winter. Now, we can light up our world at the flick of a switch.

But should we?

Let’s face it: we’re all addicted to electricity. We use it to cook, to clean, to work, to heat our homes, and we use it for pleasure through gaming or even just browsing the internet on our phones. That electricity is useful, but it tends to come at a price; a steep price.

If you find you’re hemorrhaging money on your electricity bill, then entertainment is the area where you could look to cut back on your usage. Everything else is essential; entertainment isn’t– but entertainment doesn’t have to rely on electricity. To cut down on your electricity costs this winter, why not try one of the following ways of having a good time– none of which need a plug socket to function.

Table Games

Who doesn’t love table games? Billiards, pool, snooker– we’ve all played them, so why not look into bringing one into your home? Yes, there’s an upfront cost, but it’s one that will repay itself in electricity savings over the years, as well as being something of a statement piece. Have a browse through the billiards and snooker tables from 11 Ravens Luxury Games to see if you could be tempted.


Admittedly, you’re not going to want to fit a dartboard on a wall that you’re particularly fond of, but if you’ve got the space then they make great classic entertainment. Not only do dart boards allow for a lot of fun actually playing the game, you can also pin photos of anything that has annoyed you recently on the board and vent out some frustration. Oh, and just in case you’re not convinced, it’s worth bearing in mind how good playing darts is for your math skills.

Card Games

One of the most popular games in the world is a card game: Cards Against Humanity, source of many hilarious moments. You could give Cards Against Humanity a try, or see how you enjoy games you can play with a regular deck. Cards themselves are inexpensive, and there’s so many games you could consider playing that it’s virtually impossible to get bored. If you’re feeling lucky, you could even play poker for cash with a few friends– perhaps even earning yourself enough money to help with that electricity bill you’ve been worrying about.

As the above show, there are great options available if you want to lower your electricity usage but still have a good time. You can still be social and entertain yourself, but without having to worry about paying a fortune for it later. Do you think you might be tempted by one of the above?


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