Cheers! 5 Ways To Increase Your Love Of Beers

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Beer, glorious beer! It’s surely one of man’s greatest inventions, but the getting hammered at college phase passes us all. Thankfully, that needn’t be the end of your enjoyment.

Of course, there is a need to drink alcohol in a responsible manner. Nonetheless, it’s ability to enhance our lives should not be ignored. Here’s a guy’s guide to enjoying alcohol with even greater levels of success.

  • Attend an event: For most people, beer is a key ingredient in the recipe for recreational fun. There’s no better way to tap into that enjoyment than attending events like the annual Great Beer Expo festival. The more adventurous man can think about jetting off to Germany for the famous Oktoberfest or visit a local brewery. Whether a solo adventure or something to be enjoyed with friends, this is a great way to enjoy drinks in a memorable way.
  • Create your own: The enjoyment of beer needn’t be restricted to the consumption. Brewing beer at home can be a fantastic hobby. Meanwhile, you can embrace your love of other drinks too. Learn how to make your own whiskey, rum, brandy, bourbon and scotch for even greater fun. Once you’ve finished the work, you’ll be rewarded with tasty drinks to be enjoyed with friends and family in a host of occasions. The fact you can tailor tastes to your need means you could unlock a new favorite in the process.
  • Build a bar: Whether it’s enjoying your creations or the popular drinks from around the world, you should have the perfect place for a relaxed drink. Converting a part of the garden space or basement into a home bar can be the perfect way to take your enjoyment to the next level. Moreover, it’s the perfect hosting venue for when friends come over to watch the game. That has to be better than heading to the local sports bar.
  • Cook with alcohol: Alcohol can also be used in a host of winning recipes, and can be a killer addition to take your food to the next level. Discover how to use beer in a variety of different recipes, and you’ll soon love alcohol without the thoughts of getting drunk. It’s the perfect option for dinner parties, home date nights, or when you want to be creative. Everyone loves a special meal, and a little alcohol can be the ideal solution.
  • Document your experiences: If you consider yourself to be a connoisseur of beer, why not make a note of the different drinks you’ve tried. This can be done through a diary, an online blog, or a host of other ways. In truth, it doesn’t matter how you unlock that additional enjoyment. If making your relationship with alcohol about more than the consumption can help, you’d be a fool to miss out. Besides, it’s an activity that can be enjoyed with friends or used as a tool to make new connections with other beer lovers.

Increased fun in a responsible fashion never felt so easy.


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  1. Nancy Le Vine says:

    Some fun advice, especially with holiday entertaining around the corner!


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