Gaming In The Future Might Shock You

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You might think you have a fairly good idea of the direction that gaming is heading in the future. After all, we love video game season and getting our hands on the latest titles like Super Mario Odyssey and Assasin’s Creed: Origins will certainly be a highlight of the 2017 Christmas season. But look further into the future, jumping forward five or ten years, and you might discover that gaming isn’t going to be anything like what you’re used to.

Say Goodbye To Console Generations

You might be eagerly awaiting the announcement of the PS5 or perhaps the Xbox Two. But, you might find yourself waiting a while. A few years ago the main developers promised we were reaching the end of the console wars and generation leaps that we had grown used to. Instead of the PS5, Sony announced the PS4 Pro. Instead of the Xbox Two, Microsoft revealed Scorpio which quickly became the Xbox One X. Why did they do this? Despite the graphic improvements and the advancements in the software, the new consoles don’t justify a new title. As such, an add-on really is what they should be referred to as. Despite the hefty price tag, typical gamers aren’t getting much more for their money. Now that might change in the future, and in one or two years we may see the PS5, but don’t count on it. It seems far more likely that the console wars are over.

Buying A New Game? There’s An App For That

We have known for years that developers have started to shift their attention towards mobile gaming and perhaps not in the way we’re used to. Mobile games were add-ons, they weren’t new experiences. But with Pokemon Go and other mainstream titles that’s changed. You might love Final Fantasy, the RPG that has been held up as a pinnacle of gaming for years. Well, if you want the newest one, you need to check out the app store because that’s where you’ll find it. The latest title was made exclusive for mobile, and it’s rather good. This is a trend that you should expect to see grow in the future. For instance, Nintendo made a massive commitment to mobile, and this could lead to the end of the handheld gaming systems they are wildly. Since the 3DS, Nintendo have been quite on the handheld gaming front, and we can’t help but wonder, is this the end of the road? After all, the Switch is essentially mobile, and there was even a rumor that Nintendo were creating their own phone. It seems clear that mobile gaming will become a more prominent part of the industry in the future.

VR and AR

According to Apple, the future is AR, and according to sony, it’s all about VR. Too radically different types of tech. Meanwhile, Microsoft can’t seem to decide which direction to head in. So, which one will win out in the future. VR and AR will both continue to evolve and become more important. AR will rise up on the phones while VR will become more crucial for awesome game experiences. However, eventually, both will meet in the middle with holograms. That’s right, we’re quite far away from this, but eventually, we will see holograms become prominent in gaming and every part of society. Expect the first movements and advancements in this tech over the next five to ten years. Games will be primitive at first with small levels that are merely demos similar to VR right now. But it will evolve, and slowly but surely we’ll move towards a point where we can walk around and interact with a holographic world.

Farewell To Hard Copies

Of course, before we reach that point we will also see the end of the hard copies of games. Blu Ray and DVD is already being phased out of the market thanks to streaming options and capabilities. Games require larger files that need downloading and as such the movement isn’t quite there yet. But we are certainly moving towards that direction, and within ten years hard copies of games will have disappeared from the market completely. Everything will be an online download. Will we still have gaming stores? Not once the consoles disappear as well. As already mentioned, the consoles are dying. Eventually, they will reach the point where they are completely obsolete.

Do you think this is the future of the video game industry? Or, could things head in a completely different direction. We’ll just have to wait and see what the years bring.

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