Develop A Look That’s More Dapper Than Dork

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There is a multitude of things that make a man nowadays. It’s not all about how much money you make, which football team you support, and how stoic you can be in the face of anything that causes emotions. Men come in all shapes and sizes, and one of the things becoming more common is men caring about how they look. In reality, men have always cared about what they look like, but it’s only today that men of all backgrounds can afford to spend more time and money on their appearance. If you’re ready to become more of a gentleman, it’s easy to change your look. You just need to master looking dapper without being too flashy.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Blazer

An easy way to smarten up any look is to add a blazer to it. You could be wearing jeans and a T-shirt, and a blazer will immediately take your outfit from casual to smart-casual. Although, it does help if your jeans and T-shirt are already well-made and fit properly. The same goes for your blazer. You want it to fit well, and not look like you’re wearing your dad’s suit jacket or like it shrank in the wash. If you want something simple that will go with almost anything, choose a safe black, blue, or gray. Or be a little bolder and go for the sexy professor look with a tweed jacket.

Keep It Simple

The key to being dapper and sophisticated is not to overdo it. We all like a bow tie as much as the next person, but can you really pull off wearing one every day? A full suit, complete with pocket square, shined shoes, tie, belt, and more could be good for a formal occasion, but it might be a bit much for the office or hanging out with your friends. A smart pair of moleskin pants and a plain shirt or even just a T-shirt can give you the look you need while keeping things casual. Know when it’s appropriate to go all out and when to tone things down.

Choose Subtle Accessories

You can’t go wrong with a little bit of accessorizing, but you don’t need too much. A flashy belt buckle can just end up looking tacky, and wearing a tie could leave you looking overdressed. If you want to add accessories to your outfit, stick to one or two things that add subtle touches. A pair of shades, a pocket square, or a nice watch can all enhance your outfit on their own.

Always Finish with a Good Pair of Shoes

If you want to look sophisticated, you can’t neglect what you’re wearing on your feet. A smart pair of shoes, like a good blazer, can lift up any outfit. If you want some shoes you wear with almost anything, a pair of tan brogues won’t steer you wrong. You can pair them with a suit, jeans, and even shorts, and still look great.

It’s not that difficult to get the dapper look you want. You only need to avoid piling on too many attention-grabbing items at once.


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