Top 5 Things To Do In Bermuda

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Bermuda is a beautiful sub-tropical island that has a unique blend of British and American culture. Bermuda is made up of beautiful beaches and mom and pop establishments including clothing stores, restaurants and souvenir shops. Even though the island is tiny, there are plenty of fun attractions and activities to do.

Hit the Beach at Horseshoe Bay
Come See Bermuda’s pink sand and crystal clear waters at Horseshoe Bay Beach.  This beach is considered one of the best beaches in Bermuda and is known for its beautiful blush sand (a result of crushed shells, coral and calcium carbonate.)  There are two beaches at horseshoe bay; the main “horseshoe” shaped section to the left has bigger waves and is great for swimming and snorkeling and to the beach to right is Port Royal Cove where calm and shallow waters are surrounded by large rock formations, perfect for families. This beach is easy to get to by bus or cab and you can rent chair and umbrellas when you arrive. If you want to hit the beach in Bermuda I highly suggest you check out Horseshoe Bay.

Cool Down with Duch Pops-Bermuda’s Homemade Popsicles
Duch Pops is Bermuda’s first Homemade Popsicle venture created by Rickeisha Burgess in 2015. These popsicles are fruity, refreshing and handcrafted with locally sourced ingredients .Each popsicle is uniquely created and given a name to represent the Bermudian culture including AH Manga, Island Girl, Reggae Gombey, Strawberry Bikini, Whistling Frog, Bermuda Longtail, etc. I highly recommend the Whistling Frog, this cucumber lemon popsicle is the ultimately refreshing, perfect for hot summer days.

Drink a Flight at Dockyard Brewing Company
If you are a craft beer enthusiast, check out Bermuda’s only micro craft brewery, Dockyard Brewing Company.  This brewery can proudly say all its ingredients are “totally made in Bermuda.” Dockyard Brewing Company is located at the Royal Navy Dockyard inside the Frog and Onion Pub. This is a great place to grab some grub, drink some beers and listen to live music. Some of beers they currently have on tap include Whale of Wheat, Sommers Amber Ale English Bitter, Trunk Island Pale Ale and Black Anchor Porter. I recommend the Whale of Wheat, this beer is easy drink at 4.4% abv and is served with a slice of lemon and the Black Anchor Porter, a classic London Porter which pairs great with a big juicy burger or steak.

Buy a Rum Swizzle Cake
Carole Holding, is considered Bermuda’s “Martha Stewart” and she makes a variety of Rum Cakes which are made with Bacardi Rum including Original Rum Cake, Chocolate Rum Cake, Lemon and Coconut, and Orange and Chopped Pecans. However, if you are looking for rum cakes made with Bermuda Rum, try The Bermuda Rum Cake Company. They make 11 different types of rum cake including coffee, chocolate, ginger and rum swizzle. These make great souvenirs and are great way to bring back a taste of Bermuda to your friends and family.

Burn Calories at Bruk Out Studio
Bermuda’s hottest new workout is Cyber Body Boot Camp at Bruk Out Studio. Dance and exercise studio owner Demeka Tacklyn incorporates dance with the Cyber Body Slimming Machine created by Dr. Fuji, a vibrational machine that you stand on that generates systematic involuntary muscle contractions. Tacklyn’s workout even burns 500 calories in 5 minutes! This workout is a fun way to burn calories fast while you’re on vacation.

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