Man Cave: 6 Items You Can’t Do Without

man cave, TV, poker table, recliner chair, bar, mini fridge

If you’ve got the luxury of a man cave, you’ll understand the many benefits that come with them. A bit of personal space is healthy for both men and women, so having somewhere you can disappear to and watch a game of football on your own, or with the guys is something you shouldn’t take for granted. If you’re thinking about converting your garage or basement into a man cave, you may be wondering what items will make it really special. Wonder no more!

Recliner Chair

A recliner chair is one of those items that every man wants but few are allowed. Recliner chairs don’t often fit in with living room décor, so now is your chance to go all out. Along with comfort, recliner chairs often come with a range of conveniences, including drinks holders and built-in speakers connected to your TV. In fact, some recliners, like the La-Z-Boy, are so luxurious it’s a surprise they’re not in every home, in every room.


Of course, you need a TV! How else are you going to watch sports in high definition with all your friends? This is the true beauty of a man cave, because when your better half complains about having to watch yet another football, basketball or boxing match on the TV, you can leave her in peace to watch Desperate Housewives and everyone is happy. Just remember that you do have to spend some time together at some point!

Make Shift Bar

Building a bar in a man cave can be expensive, so while you’re getting yourself established, go for the cheaper option. A QuikTap portable beer tap is ideal for when you’ve got the guys around. Just line up the pint glasses and let your friends serve themselves. Unlike a full bar set up, having a beer tap is easy, convenient and ideal for keeping fresh beer flowing throughout the entire game.

Poker Table

Is there anything better than getting the guys together for a game of poker? Having a poker table in your man cave means you’ll never have to leave the house when you want a good night with your friends. Invest in table big enough to seat all your friends and stock up on the whiskey. It’s perfect for birthday bashes or long overdue get togethers, and you may even find yourself playing a few rounds during family parties too.

Mini Fridge

You’ll likely find a mini fridge really handy. The last thing you’ll want to be doing is going in and out of the man cave to grab snacks from the kitchen fridge. It’s ideal for keeping a few drinks cold and protecting snacks, like cheese and dips.

Personal Touches

This is your space and you get to make all the decisions, so splash your personality all over the room. Hang framed sports shirts or throw up some movie posters. Get coasters from your favourite TV show or collect memorabilia. There’s no-one around to tell you what to do in this room.

Enjoy your man cave for as long as you’re able to have it!

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