Top 3 Water Sports To Keep Your Body And Mind In Check

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If you love the water, you have an endless supply of it, and you are trying to find new ways to keep fit and have fun, then it’s worth looking at the 3 most popular forms of water sports. There are a whole bunch out there, and everyone has their own reasons behind the fun they get out of it, but if you haven’t been lucky enough to find your special sport just yet – here’s a little help as to what’s out there, and the benefits they offer you.


Freediving is a sport that has had just as much good press as it has bad. It is very dangerous, and you should never go out and do it alone, or even attempt it when you haven’t had the right training. Having said that, the benefits are also hard to say not to. Not only are you toning your body from the swimming, but you will be teaching your lungs to work harder by holding more air inside your body for a lot longer than usual – a necessary requirement if you plan on freediving. But the biggest benefit of them all is the underwater world you get to explore without all the weight and constraints of scuba diving. Which also means you’re more likely able to get up close and personal with more life down there.


Paddleboarding is a great low impact form of exercise which will benefit you in your day to day life. This is because of the balance that is required in order to stay on the board; you are having to adjust your posture correctly, so you even out your weight while keeping your core engaged. But it isn’t just your core that is having to work – it’s your whole body. Your leg muscles are working hard to stabilize your centre of gravity; meanwhile, your upper body including your arms, shoulders and back are being used to propel you through the water. You can find an array of different boards available at SUP store, along with any other equipment you may need.


As well as the awesome view, the adrenaline rush, and the crazy ride, surfing is also a very good workout session for you thanks to the many different motions your body will be performing. It’s not just about the ride when you’re standing and surfing the waves – which gives you a full body workout from head to toe – it’s the swim out through all the powerful waves, and the pulling yourself up onto the board itself that tire you out first. But no matter how exhausted you may find yourself feeling – the rush is far too good to tap out.

So take your pick, but don’t limit yourself to just one thing – try all three, or venture off even further and see what else you may enjoy doing. Maybe you would prefer Windsurfing or Kayaking. Or maybe you just prefer to keep it real simple by going for a good old swim. Whatever your ‘thing’ may be – try new ones to stimulate your body, mind and soul.

What water sports do you do to keep your body and mind in check?

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