Want The Best Exercise Results? Add Water

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Water. It’s magic. It keeps you alive. It boosts your ability to concentrate and helps keep your mood in check. It can also make you look really damn sexy. No, I’m not talking about this in a “wet t-shirt” kind of way, nor am I referring to the fact that the nutrients and hydration water can give you helps you maintain good physical shape. (That last part is pretty important. Seriously, don’t forget to keep hydrated.)

What I’m referring to here is how much water can help when it comes to exercise. Again, this isn’t just a case of hydrating you when you’ve been working out. I’m referring to exercising in water.

You may think that I’m just talking about swimming, and going about it in a really roundabout way. But, again, we’re not just talking about so obvious an aspect. After all, swimming isn’t the only exercise you can do while submerged in water.

We’re going to take a look at why exercising in water is such a good idea.

Water resistance

What helps you gain muscle? The resistance of whatever it is you’re working against. This is why weights help you build muscle – they work as a resistance to your pushing and pulling. Water places resistance on everything you’re doing. This is precisely why people get caps from places like swimcapz.com – to help offset the resistance against their hair which makes them move much slower. All the exercises you do while submerged in it help develop your muscles even further. And no, wearing a swimcap isn’t going to hinder this, because you’re not exercising your hair.

Fewer injuries

Of course, while water does offer a resistance to your movement, it’s not an overwhelming resistance. It’s friendly but firm, like a good teacher. Things like barbells can be a bit too hard, which results in a higher risk of injury. This is one of the reasons that exercising in water is so popular among those who are slightly older and have weaker muscles. While you’re in water, you can get a long, solid workout safely for longer than, say, lifting weights may offer.

Temperature regulation

Exercise can make you really hot. Anyone who exercises regularly knows this. In fact, a lot of people are put off of exercise precisely because they feel like they’re overheating. This becomes a big barrier in hotter months for many people. You can read more about keeping cool while working out over at verywell.com. Being submerged in water, of course, helps you keep cool. Even relatively warm water can prevent you from overheating, because you’ll always be cooler than if you were outside running around in the sun!

Better circulation

The better your circulation is, the more effective your exercise is going to be. This is why, as long as you keep pushing yourself, exercise does more and more for your health the more you do it. Water is great for cardiovascular exercise, which you can read more about at mensfitness.com. When you exercise in warm water, your blood vessels dilate, improving your blood flow. This improves the efficacy of your exercise.

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