What Do The Shoes You Choose Say About Your Style?

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Have you been looking for new shoes to add to your wardrobe? We all wear different shoes depending on what we do during the day, how we spend our weekend, or any number of factors.

One thing that remains true is that your choice in shoes will ultimately say a lot about who you are as a person. Not only how your shoes look (worn out sneakers tell a dramatically different story than new, limited edition kicks), but what type of shoes you wear speaks volumes about you.

What are your shoes saying about you? Read on to find out.

Work Boots

Wearing work boots is a great idea if you are looking for something practical that will last for a long time. These types of boots will handle all of the challenges that you throw at them, almost without exception. Modern work boots also look really good, provided that you select boots that have been made by a reputable company. If you want to show that you’re ready to get your hands dirty, then these boots are for you.

Contrast Sole Loafers

The contrast sole is a bit different from almost any other shoe on this list, in that it’s more of a look than a style, per se. While a contrast sole is often colorful, the color palette can also be relatively muted while still standing out. Regardless of the colors you choose, a contrast sole will always be a shoe that you wear if you love people picking you out of a crowd. Some might consider this to be the shoe of choice for anyone you would consider the antithesis of a wallflower.

Tassel Loafers

Tassel loafers are an example of a shoe that’s traditionally skewed to an older crowd. These shoes are definitely a bit older in style, and can seem tired and boring unless you show that you’re keeping up with style trends by wearing nicely fitting clothes and showing a keen interest in the latest fashion trends in other ways.

Boat Shoes

Most people think of boat shoes as the peppiest example of classic New England culture. For most people, boat shoes are about anything but going to a desk job. They’re made for someone who wants to look like they’re going out (or coming from) their boat or a weekend in Nantucket.


The chukka was originally created for soldiers that were out in the desert, but today it has been completely co-opted by the fashion industry for its own uses. Today, you won’t be considered a military man if you don a pair of chukkas, but they’re a common sight among the trendy hipster crowd.

Biker Boots

Biker boots tend to be worn by those who are trying to embody a more aggressive and anarchist image, and they are definitely not office-friendly. Studies have shown that people who wear biker boots tend to be more aggressive and less trusting than others, and that’s what you’ll seem like too if you decide to don a pair of biker boots.

Running Shoes

Running shoes, also commonly called sneakers in many places, are a great piece of equipment for runners, but they also say something about you when you wear them out. Worn with sweatpants and a t-shirt, they’re commonly thought of as leisurely, but sneakers worn with any outfit also show that you’re ready for anything and that you don’t take yourself too seriously.


Oxfords are a close cousin of the tassel loafer, and they are built to withstand changes in trends, having been co-opted by the business elite as a shoe of choice for boardroom meetings. In that sense, you might consider Oxford shoes to be too old for many situations, but many companies are spicing up the Oxford to make it more trendy and stylish. This is a shoe that truly spans a number of looks, all of which would be considered formal.

Cowboy Boots

You’ll often see cowboy boots considered a close cousin to work boots in most circles. Cowboy boots are far more often seen in Southern states like Texas than in the New York area, where they are considered more of an accessory to a theme party than anything else. That being said, cowboy boots are a casual look that is about as All-American as you can get.


Loafers are a very good complement Oxfords in the office, but they are a far more casual shoe than Oxfords are. When you are in an office setting where you see a lot of suits, loafers will make you seem far more casual than the average person, but in all other situations they will be considered almost indistinguishable from Oxfords by most people, and you’ll be lumped into the same group as those who wear Oxfords.

Your choice of shoe is an important factor in your wardrobe, and it can speak volumes about you as well.

What shoe embodies your chosen style? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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