The Top Six Major Benefits Of Playing Sports

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It seems that as kids we are more inclined to become involved in sports in some way. Our parents encourage us to attend after-school clubs and be part of the team of anything we think we might be interested in. Maybe it is to keep up busy and to a schedule, or to perhaps provide an opportunity for us as we get older. But, the issue is, as we head into the teenage years we can start to lose interest in these sports and sometimes the hobbies fade out.

This can happen for a number of reasons. A social life with our friends becomes more important, where we are hanging out at the mall or watching the latest film release at the cinema. Or we can genuinely find that we have our interests elsewhere in more academic subjects. However, this doesn’t mean that sport cannot be a part of our lives in some way, and as an adult, there are some major benefits of playing sports. I thought I would share with you some of them today.

It’s more than just a hobby

Of course, playing a sport, such as golf, football or even tennis, whatever it may be, is always going to be a hobby during the later years of life. Competing for fun is always an option though, and can help to motivate you to improve. But, having said that, it’s more than just fun and games, it can really help to give you something else to focus on in life other than your day to day routine. If you are having problems or are feeling stressed, playing sports can help to take your mind off things and even help to prioritize your thoughts after.

It can become part of your lifestyle

Playing sports shouldn’t be seen as a strenuous exercise or something you just have to do for health and fitness, it should definitely be something you enjoy. This is why it shouldn’t be limited to the local gym, the school field or even within your community. Grabbing a spare 10 minutes at home here and there to play sports is a great way to keep up your level of interest, and the benefit of that is it becomes part of your life. So take the time to hit a few golf balls into a practice net, you can even buy one of the top ten golf practice nets online. Take a few minutes to indulge in some ball skills in your back garden, or even get on your living room floor and practice your next yoga session or do a fitness workout from YouTube. Keeping the interest alive ensures that sports is more of a lifestyle choice than anything else, and that can be a huge benefit to you.

It can help improve concentration and focus

Sometimes it can be hard to focus on certain aspects of our lives. Maybe you are particular stressed at work, with huge deadlines to meet and problems you encounter on a daily basis. Perhaps you are struggling at home, a bad relationship can really scrape away at you each day if you let it. Financial troubles can also take over your mind and be a constant worry, especially with bills landing on the doorstep every day and wondering where the next meal might come from. However, none of that is actually helping you and sometimes can make things seem much worse than they actually are. It’s important to allow sports to become a part of your life and one of the other benefits of doing that is the improvement in focus and concentration. Playing a sport enables you to switch off from every other aspect of your life and focus on kicking a ball, hitting a ball with a golf club or whatever sport you may be indulging in. For a period of time, your concentration is on an activity, and it can be hugely uplifting. Allow sports to give you some time out, and you might even see huge improvements to other aspects of your life where you can start to focus with more clarity on some of the problems that might be occurring daily.

Once you have regained your sense of focus, it may be worth putting some of this to good use by finding a coach to really teach you how to play. A golf coach such as will help you to learn the tactics and strategy to really improve your game. 

It has some major health benefits

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of having sports in your life is the health aspect, and this can be a major motivation to keep things up on a regular basis. First of all, sports can play a huge part in your heart health. In most cases, playing sports is a cardio activity which will increase your heartrate during the time in which you play it. The increase helps you to pump more blood around the body, enabling more oxygenated blood to get to your muscles. But it also helps to improve your cardiovascular health. Playing sports can also help if you struggle with diabetes, it helps the insulin in your body to work better. Also, things like weight management is easier now that exercise and playing sports is a part of your life. Teaming this with a balanced diet can be one of the best ways to maintain and lose weight. Even things like muscles toning, a stronger immune system, improved blood circulation, and an opportunity to lower your cholesterol, are all vital parts to improving your health.

The mental benefits of being involved in sport

Not only can sport and exercise improve your physical health, but it’s also essential for your mental health. They say that depression and anxiety can be controlled and even help improve situations simply by exercising more and playing sports is a great way to do it. Playing sport can bring positivity to your life, and help improve your mindset from being particularly negative. If you struggle with self-esteem issues then being involved in sports can help to improve how you feel about yourself. After all, if you improve any sort of skill, it makes you feel good. Not to mention how it will help you feel on the inside. Also exercising regularly can mean that you have much more energy and feel more alert in situations. Mentally that means that you have far more concentration and focus on different matters. It can also help to induce a sense of calmness on you. Helping you to think more clearly and calmly in a situation of any matter, rather than feeling stressed. Getting stressed can be a huge cause of anxiety, so exercising and playing sports can help to keep that at bay. If you struggle with setting goals or having a plan playing sports can actually encourage you to do more of this. It can help you set goals for your skill levels, improving your game. But it can also help you to prioritize and make plans in other aspects of your life.

The disciplines it can incorporate into your world

Finally, discipline, in general, will become part and parcel of your life and routine. This is because a sports person you will generally take part in a game that requires you to follow the rules and regulations. This can then become more apparent in your day to day life. It also helps you to become part of a team, which can help you in many aspects of your life such as relationships or in the workplace. Helping you to build good relationships not only with your fellow sports players but also with friends and family. You become a much better all round person, being more open minded to new aspects of your life.

We hope these benefits inspire you to add more sport and exercise into your life.


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  1. It sure was nice when you said that one of the benefits of sports is that eat improves the heart health which in turns increase the amount of oxygen being transported around the body and to the muscles. That is good to know since I am aware that more and more children nowadays are getting a bit sickly. It might be a good idea to bh4ring up the idea of sports during the next PTA meeting. Thank you!


  2. John says:

    That makes sense that playing at home can keep up interest in a sport. That will help a child make lifelong healthy decisions. Remember, health is based on lifestyle choices.

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