Getting Around The City – What Your Choice Of Transport Says About You

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Cities are packed, jammed, polluted, and tough to move around in. It doesn’t matter whether you live there, work there, or just visit. Getting around the city can be hard work, uncomfortable, and even thoroughly unpleasant. But what turns you off about the city might not bother the guy sat next to you. Perhaps you don’t like the bus because the noise of shrieking kids on the school run gives you a headache? Or maybe you just don’t like the smell of the subway? Does the mode of transport you choose say anything about your personality or outlook on life though?


Riding the train into the city can give you a few valuable minutes with your laptop or tablet to check your schedule for the day. Or it might give you those last few moments to cram for an exam or prepare that all-important board meeting presentation. Of course, many of us take the quiet time on the train simply to stare out of the window and contemplate life. If you’re a commuter, how do you make the most of your train ride?

Taking the train to work might be a little more pricey than bringing the car into the city. But, for the most part, you can rely on turning up on time regardless of roadworks and traffic flow. The further you travel in, the more chance you have of getting a seat for the journey too. Best of all, it does offer you the freedom to catch up on some sleep without causing an accident! The train is perfect for the man with a lot on his mind, who likes things to fit his schedule and offer a modicum of comfort.


It’s noisy, it’s dirty, it’s full of people you wouldn’t ordinarily choose to spend time with. But it’s quick, it’s convenient, and it arrives only half a block away from wherever you want to be. It doesn’t cost much, it’s fairly reliable, and it’s easy. Lots of people choose the subway. No matter how packed the streets might be, the subway is often worse, yet somehow you can get from A to B without sounding your horn once! It just works.

The subway is perfect for the no-nonsense gent that has places to be and not a lot of time to get there. He might not have the time to look around and smell the flowers, so it doesn’t matter how dark it gets underground. As for the noise? Chances are the subway-riding guy has his earbuds for company and the sounds of his favorite tunes ringing loud in his ears.


The problem with the bus for many people is the waiting. Sure, you have to wait for the train, but you don’t have to be on the platform the whole time. When you’re waiting for the bus, you’re on the street and feeling more than a little exposed (particularly to the weather.) Traffic can cause delays, although most cities now operate bus lanes that offer priority to these oversized vehicles.

The benefits of bus travel include the cost and the convenience. Usually, you’re only a few steps from your destination when the bus stops, and it’s cost you just a few coins to ride. The guy that rides the bus is careful with his money and rarely lives beyond his means. He’s patient, tolerant and interested in the world. The bus gives you a great perspective of city life, and who knows what you’ll see as you drive by?


If you’ve ever spotted a courier on a bicycle, you’ll see there is something of an art to getting around the city this way. You might choose to weave in and out, making your own path through the rush hour traffic. Or you might be privy to some more scenic routes along the back lanes, towpaths, and cycle routes. Cycling opens up so much more of the city to you. You can choose shortcuts, quiet routes, or a combination of the two.

Of course, it takes a fair bit of physical energy to push your way through the city streets. You might choose to use an electric powered bicycle. This will spare you a bit of sweating if you’re commuting to work. Save the workout for the ride home! The fella on his pusher is definitely active at heart, with his health on his mind. Plus, he loves to get one over the ****s in the cars going nowhere!


If you’re lucky enough to live in the city, then why not walk? You can choose any route you like, but cutting through the park is probably a firm favorite. It’s easy to see why people love to live in this city when you start to walk around it. You can find the city secrets off the beaten track the the typical tourist or commuter will never spot. Best of all, you’re getting those ten thousand steps knocked out with ease.

For any chap that walks, you probably like to see things in detail. You like the time it affords, and you love the fact you’re multitasking as you go. You might be listening to an audio book, or simply enjoying the fact you don’t have the expense of a car to worry about. Sure, your rent’s a little higher in the city, but you never have to rush. If taking it easy and going at your own pace is for you, then chances are you love walking.


Hey, we’ve all got to work out somewhere, right? Why not run home from work once or twice a week to spare you a gym membership fee? Of course, a few laps around the park could be just what you need to let off some steam at lunch time. Or maybe you’re busy trying to put the miles back into your legs for the next city half-marathon race? It’s never too late to start running either. You can use an app, a personal trainer, or your common sense to get you going. Warm up thoroughly, cool down and stretch thoroughly, and give yourself a couple of days rest in between.

If you love running, then you’re probably a health-conscious kind of guy. You’re keen to stay as fit as possible, and you might even love competing in the odd race. Despite the pace, most runners aren’t fast-paced guys. You’re probably not in a hurry. You make time for your hobbies and your health, so chances are you’re pretty well-organized. Best of all, you love traveling light running works out for you.


If you’re one of those guys that sits in traffic day after day, chances are you’re pretty tenacious. You’ve got a goal – get to work – and you’re willing to sit there and work on it, inch by inch, until you get there! Hats off to you. Of course, the car you’re sitting in might say even more about you than the fact you’re sticking with your objective. So what do you drive? City models are supposedly great fun to drive. But they’re going nowhere as fast as the CRV next to you, so how can they be fun? Of course, parking might be a lot easier. So you can get out of your car when you’re in the garage? Great. But you’ve been wedged in half for the last two hours for that privilege!

Maybe you’re in a high-end, high-performance sports car? Do you love looking good, and making sure everyone else is checking out your lines? Then this kind of car, stuck in traffic in the city could definitely be what you’re looking for. Then there are those incredibly comfortable, incredibly private, and fully loaded executive cars. If you’re gonna be stuck in traffic, then that might be the way to go.

If you’re taking your own car in, chances are you like your privacy to talk on the car phone, listen to your favorite tunes, and set your own schedule. You might not like sharing, but you do value a clean presentation in your appearance when you (finally) arrive for that meeting.


If you like to ride an Uber car, then you’re probably pretty savvy with other apps and social media too. You love looking ahead to the future and figuring out other ways to get things done. And you’re pretty sociable too. If you happen to be an Uber driver, then chances are you’re doing it to make the most of those short-ride conversations. You’re eager to please, and you’re happy to do it on your terms.


There’s nothing more convenient than shouting for a cab outside of your building and getting out of it outside your office. Taxis give you those few minutes of peace and quiet between downtown meetings just to catch up on a few emails or tweets. If you’re in a hurry with a hundred things to do today, then grab that cab.

Getting around the city isn’t always fun, but you can enjoy it a lot more by picking the right choice of transport. Which way suits you best? Let us know in the comments section below.


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