Gifts To Buy When You’ve No Idea What To Get A Guy

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Whether it’s a guy friend, a boyfriend, your dad, or your brother, we’ve been led, by the media, to believe that buying presents for men is impossible. Whilst this isn’t true, of course, it is true that there are fewer “stereotypical” gifts to get for men in the consumer world. Video games, gadgets, and “practical” gifts might work a treat most of the time, but not all men are the same. Sometimes the generic options don’t take all individuals into account, so you might be panicking about an upcoming birthday or anniversary for a man who’s important in your life. These gift ideas might just save the day if you’ve no idea as to what you should buy for a guy.


Think outside the box. Don’t listen to stereotypes because jewelry isn’t just the perfect gift for women; it’s genderless. Everybody likes receiving something rare, precious, and beautiful. If the guy for whom you’re buying a gift likes fashion and accessorizing then this would definitely be a good option for him. You could look at some watches for men because that’s certainly the go-to accessory for most guys; if you get a good brand then you’re onto a winner. It all depends on how well you know the man in question. If you think he’d be into earrings of perhaps even a necklace then you could push the boat out in that regard.


Obviously, this only applies if the man in question is your partner (unless you want your guy friend to be more than a friend) but a simple act of romance can be the ultimate present to your boyfriend or husband. You could give them a day of pampering because they probably don’t want more gadgets and other junk of which they receive plenty over birthdays and Christmases; they probably just want a relaxing day with the person they care about most. You could always treat them to a six pack of beer too, of course (that’s romantic in a way).

If the man for whom you’re buying a gift isn’t a “romantic” part of your life than you could still do something caring for them; a coupon for a spa day wouldn’t go amiss. Guys like that sort of thing too. Everybody likes relaxing. You don’t have to offer some grand gesture or dish out a ridiculous amount of money. You just need to show that you care and that this person is very important to you. Small actions can often speak the loudest. You could even give a handmade present, such as a collage of all your memories, to show them that you really care.

An event

The best gift you can give to somebody is a memory. If you want your boyfriend, brother, son, or friend to remember this special day for the rest of their life then think beyond novelty gifts they’ll forget about in a week. Buy a ticket (or two) to see their favorite band perform in concert. That’s the kind of present they’ll never forget because they’ll always have a memory of the big day. You could even get a VIP experience at their favorite theme park or zoo, depending on their age and interests. Making memories is always a great gift idea.


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