A Frequent Flier’s Guide To Travel Gear That Works

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When you’re on the road or in the air a lot, you basically have to take your house with you all the time. I’m not saying you should literally lug around three suitcases with you, on the contrary, you need to be able to pick and choose all the stuff you’re going to truly need and squeeze them into one or two pieces of luggage. And that is art, my friends, even if you don’t think so.

As you become a frequent flier, you’ll quickly realize what you need and don’t need with you at all times, though those needs will change depending on where you’re traveling to. It’s essential for fellow globetrotters to have good travel gear that works, things they know will not fail if push comes to a shove. Maybe you’re just getting into this nomadic lifestyle and if so, let me impair some acquired wisdom with you on travel gear you need with you.

Your Bag Is Your Life

No joke about this one. When you get out of your door and know you won’t be coming back for some time, you better be sure that the home you take with you is able to endure the trip. I truly see my luggage as a part of me, seeing that pretty much all I own in a foreign country is that suitcase or backpack. Choosing the best way to carry your luggage depends on your style of traveling – are you an exec who is going on a business trip around Europe for a couple of months? Get a high-quality hard side suitcase that offers plenty of room for all of your stuff, but be sure that you don’t go over the size and weight limits of different airlines. Try your best to get a suitcase that is light and has strong wheels, not to mention zippers and handles – you really don’t want to be left with a destroyed suitcase on an airport.

If you’re more of an adventurer who likes to wing it a lot, then dragging a suitcase through hostels and on hikes is definitely not your thing – go for a great multipurpose backpack instead. You can still fit plenty of things into it, plus you get perks like a sleeve for your laptop, shoulder straps and numerous compartments to separate your things. Make a wise choice when it comes to your luggage, both your comfort and safety depend on it.

Take Good Care of Yourself

We all get fidgety during long flights, there’s no doubt about it, but there are things you can do that will make the experience more bearable. I have a problem with the dryness of the air in the airplanes, as well as the fact it’s usually colder than I would like it to be, so I need to make sure that I’ve got that covered before I board the plane. Some travel-size hand lotion is a must because the skin on my hands becomes sandpaper in a matter of hours. My nose also gets quite dry, which is why I also carry a saline nose spray with me, and I try to hydrate as much as humanly possible. I’m not a big fan of lip balm, but it’s necessary when flying, so I keep it close too. If you’re facing a super long flight (8+ hours), then you know you’ll be begging for a shower before it ends, and this is where deodorant and baby wipes come to play, so make sure you’ve got some on you, trust me, they will be a lifesaver.

Snacking Is OK

So you know those food restrictions on international flights are a serious thing, but that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to bring a little something to snack on while waiting for your airplane meal which will hopefully be tasty. You shouldn’t go overboard in this department, but taking some travel food with you doesn’t hurt anyone – some trail mix is always a good idea, as well as granola bars or crackers. You can’t bring a whole meal with you, but you can bring healthy snacks that will keep you full and nourished throughout the flight, just make sure that the smells of whatever you bring aren’t overwhelming to other passengers.

How to Alleviate Travel Pains

When you jump through time zones and climates, you can be sure it will take a toll on your health condition. You need to be prepared for the fluctuations in your wellbeing that are going to happen, mostly in the form of flu symptoms or cold that will come and go. If you have prescribed medication, make sure you have plenty of it for your trip and the same goes for antihistamines. Aspirin, Advil and Tylenol are all good companions on your travels because they help your system battle viruses and they will also help you sleep a little better when you’re flying and your health is not optimal. Earmuffs or earplugs are another good idea if you’re a light sleeper, not just for sleeping on the plane, but for getting some sleep anywhere that’s not your bed. Have some Band-Aids with you and some bandages, you never when you’ll cut or burn yourself, and while we’re on the subject, have antibacterial wipes with you too, they always come in handy.

Your Carry-On

All that I said about check-in luggage goes for your carry-on bag too, as you want to make sure it will hold the pressure of long-term traveling. All of the stuff I’ve talked about should be safely tucked into your carry-on and you should always, always put some clean underwear, socks and a couple of shirts in there too. Nobody wants to have their baggage lost, but it happens and often, so you want to be sure your personal hygiene is covered. Things like shampoo and hair conditioner you can buy as you go, but you really don’t want to spend the extra money and add more weight to your luggage by buying new clothes because your regular ones are stuck in some other airport for a couple of days.

Be smart when it comes to your travels, pack light, but take with you the things you know are indispensable to you. Your travel gear can make all the difference in how comfortable you are while traveling.

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