Top 3 Summer Brews From Bay Fest 2017

Great South Bay, Bay Fest 2017, Bay Fest, Summer brews, beers, 1940’s Brewing Company, Garvies Point Brewery, Lineup Brewing

With summertime approaching soon, it’s time to put away the porters and stouts and stock up on light, fruity, easy to drink beers. Here are my top 3 favorite beers from Bay Fest that are perfect for hot summer days.

1940’s Brewing Company
Bohemia Blonde (American Blonde Ale): 6.6% abv – A hint of apricot makes this blonde ale fruity and easy to drink.

Garvies Point Brewery
South Batch (Motueka): 5.1% abv – If you love sour beers, you must try this kettle sour dry hopped wheat ale.

Lineup Brewing
“Did you hit it”: 5% abv – The “Did you hit it” beer is dry hopped with Huell Melon and is fruity and crisp.

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