Top Home Remedies For Male Pampering

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We are constantly surrounded by articles and blogs covering the weird and wonderful ways that women can pamper and indulge themselves, but what about us blokes? Don’t we deserve a little TLC too? Well, yes, yes we do. So that is why today it is all about us men, and the top ways we can do a little pampering of our own, all within the comfort of our own homes.

Sexy Hair

Just like women, we can begin to panic the moment our hair begins to age and it becomes harder and harder to tame, particularly when there becomes less and less of it (yes or in my case, none of it). Therefore it’s essential that we are finding simple and sustainable ways that we can look after our hair to keep it in peak condition for as long as possible.

So for any of you guys that suffer from dry skin, you are going to need to oil up a couple of times a week, to get a healthy scalp back and to prevent those embarrassing skin flakes settling around your shoulders and also to prevent any further hair loss.

You have two home remedy options to choose from. Select either a high quality, extra virgin olive oil or, alternatively you can try an organic coconut oil. Rubbing either of these oils into your scalp, twice a week, and leaving on for 30 minutes before washing off, will help restore the natural PH balance of your scalp skin. Once you have shed the dry skin make sure you treat yourself to an oil scalp mask, once every other week to keep those embarrassing flakes at bay, for good. A healthy scalp also means less hair loss and stronger hair in general so good hair all starts at the roots

Razor Burn

There are few things more cleansing and refreshing than giving ourselves a nice shave. Sure beards are pretty trendy these days and it’s great not having to shave every day, however beards can be incredibly annoying and itchy after a little time. So a nice close shave is a great way to feel brand new and revitalised.

The only problem with a really good, close shave, is the painful razor burn that can then follow. However there are home remedies that can be used to put onto our skin to reduce the inflammation and pain that can sometimes come after shaving your face. There are ingredients in your food cupboard that can be used to soothe razor burn, from apple cider vinegar and honey to oatmeal and cold tea bags and a whole host of weird and wonderful everyday food items that can be used to treat your skin until it is baby smooth. For more information on how to create these home remedies, check out the following website,

Looking A Bit Worn Out?

Well, we have just the answer. It’s time to go old school as there is a reason that cucumber eye packs have been around for so long. It’s because they really work. Therefore if your eyes are looking a little worse for wear then it’s high time you spent 30 minutes lying back and letting the revitalising vitamins of a few slices of cool cucumber (take a cucumber from the fridge for extra soothing effect) take hold of your tired eyes and tighten up the puffed up skin that a few too many late nights have left you with.

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