Get Super Motivated To Get Your Summer Body

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We’ve all been there, that moment of panic, after months of covering up, realising that the summer months are approaching and it’s time to start peeling off those layers. We naturally eat more over the colder months as our bodies go into a sort of hibernation mode, so by the time the summer hits, we are never usually feeling particularly prepared for the flesh revealing weather that this seaon brings with it and with that we can feel a little demotivated to do anything about it. So here are our top tips for getting motivated to work off that extra winter weight and have you confidently strutting around in your favourite summer outfit in no time at all.

Look The Part & Feel The Part

It’s all too easy to look at our reflection and say ‘Who are we kidding?’, right? However something as simple as just looking the part can have us looking at ourselves, thinking ‘hell yeah, let’s do this’. It may sound silly, but what we wear can drastically change our psychological state so by just treating yourself to a couple of nice, sporty threads you could completely change how you feel about exercising. Depending on the type of exercise you enjoy, or plan to get into look at workout essentials like snazzy yoga legging, breathable t-shirts, warm hoodies for the cooler evenings and funky little accessories like attractive gym bags and cotton wristbands.

Find Sports That You Enjoy

The key to success in getting fit and losing weight all comes down to finding things that we will enjoy and therefore stick too. There is no point forcing ourselves to feel uncomfortable in a packed sweaty zumba class, for a couple of weeks, if it puts you off group classes for life. So think about if you are more solitude type of person when it comes to sport or are you more motivated when in a group style situation.

Then when you have established if you want company, or to be on your own whilst you work out, then you can start to think about the types of sports that will keep your interest and therefore keep you motivated and active. If you have been feeling a little stressed and burnt out recently perhaps you might want to try something light, but highly toning like yoga or pilates. If you are the sort of person that really enjoys blowing off a little steam perhaps running or circuit training might be the best option for you.

Finding the right type of sports that best suits you, your routine, your likes and personality is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that you stay motivated and committed to your fitness regime. Then committing yourself to get active at least 3 times a week, with a couple of different types of exercise is the best way to shave off those extra couple of pounds and have you feeling healthy and happy going into the summer months.

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