Hemauer Brewing Company Brews Peep Show Beer For #HBGBeerWeek

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Hemauer Brewing Company created a Peep Show Beer for Harrisburg Beer Week using marshmallow Peeps! This beer is brewed with marshmallow peeps and is 10. 1% abv making it the perfect adult treat! Head Brewer Brooks Hemauer shared his creative insight for this specialty beer.

What inspired you to make a Peep Show Beer?

Hemauer: I asked a friend of mine who is a homebrewer about brewing a beer for the Harrisburg Beer Week Little Big Beer Festival. I entered the event to grow my brand so I thought it would be fun to brew with him again. During our discussion he mentioned we should make some type of Easter candy beer since Easter was very close to the events date. He mentioned that we should brew a beer with Peeps in it. I felt it would be a great idea we could release to really build the hype in the beer for the event.

How many marshmallow peeps were used to make the beer?

Hemauer: We used 30 peeps in the boil and another 8-10 in the Randall when serving.

What types of hops & other flavorings were use to make the beer?

Hemauer: We used Vanguard hops and aged the beer on vanilla beans and lactose sugar.  

What is the abv?

Hemauer :10.1%

How long did it take you to make the Peep Show Beer?

Hemauer: From grain to glass was roughly about 3 weeks .

Where can people find/buy the Peep Show Beer?

Hemauer: Currently we are still going through the process of starting the brewery.  This may be a one time only beer but if we receive enough response to brew it again it may turn into a spring seasonal offering. Our hope is that we will be open spring of 2018. We will be located in Dillsburg, PA between Harrisburg and Gettysburg.

To learn more about Hemauer Brewing’s Peep Show click here: https://untappd.com/b/hemauer-brewing-co-peep-show/2067435


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