3 Reasons An Electric Scooter Is Well Worth The Investment

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Electrical motorbikes, scooters and mopeds are being coined as the transportation of the future. If you are considering going electric here are three main factors that are worth considering for anyone looking to ditch the conventional fuel based versions and wanting to invest in modern, electrical versions.

Noise Pollution

First the noise pollution in our cities and urban areas are at an all time high. Whether you live in a busy city centre, more relaxed suburban area or even in the countryside, it is becoming increasingly impossible to really enjoy unadulterated peace and quiet. Scientific research has revealed the effect noise pollution has on our health and the results are quite shocking.

It has been revealed that noise pollution can raise blood pressure and has been found to even at times contribute to coronary heart disease. It can increase stress levels and what is being coined as an increased level of  ‘annoyance, nuisance and dissatisfaction’ with lifestyles that are affected by the everyday noise made my cars, buses and motorbikes.

Due to this startling new scientific on the effects of the noise pollution that surrounds us, the need for quieter cities and communities is becoming an increasingly important focus for governments and the general public alike. Electronic forms of transportation are the biggest and most effective way that we can begin reducing the amount of noise we suffer from on a day to day basis and in turn begin enjoying an increased quality of life and general wellbeing.

Lower Maintenance Costs

The costs of electric scooters, cars and buses are also significantly cheaper, in the long run, than their traditional, fuel-based counterparts. Electric buses for example can run up as little as $6,500 of yearly costs as opposed to the fuel-based buses which can cost around $65,000 a year to fuel and maintain. (reminder this is all based on location).

Electric motorbikes and scooters, as they don’t need to be filled with fuel every week, also offer a more affordable means of transportation, once the initial investment has been made. The same, of course, applies to electric cars, which although can be more expensive to buy outright, then fuel-based cars, in the long run will be cheaper to run and maintain.

The Environment

Cars, buses, trains and motorbikes produce a huge amount of emissions into the environment, causing pollution and damage to our environment. Therefore the investment into electrical versions of these forms of transportations can help to contribute towards a healthier and more sustainable planet. To positively improve the environment we live in, electrical cars, bikes, buses and all manner of electrical modes of transportation is the best step forward to an improved environment.

Although the initial investment of an electrical vehicle or bike is, at the moment, larger than a fuel-based model, even with any possible government subsidies, the positives still hugely outweigh the negatives. Working together to reduce carbon emissions, to begin being more environmentally conscious and responsible, from our everyday life decision, right through the the mode of transport we use will all go a long way in creating a more sustainable planet.

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  1. gearpriest says:

    Cool article Ray. I might also add “Because they are a lot of FUN!” too! 😉


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